“One foot in the jump-off”, “We want to win at all costs”, “Toulouse likes to finish first”, the best of conference before MHR-Toulouse

“One foot in the jump-off”, “We want to win at all costs”, “Toulouse likes to finish first”, the best of conference before MHR-Toulouse

Julien Tisseron était en conférence de presse avant le match de Top 14 entre Montpellier et Toulouse. Midi Libre – JEAN-MICHEL MART

À quelques jours de la réception du Stade Toulousain (samedi 18 mai à 15h) en Top 14, le manager Patrice Collazo, le troisième ligne Leni Nouchi et l’arrière Julien Tisseron étaient en conférence de presse.

Beaten and frustrated in Castres (27-26), the MHR players once again let valuable points slip away. A situation which has often repeated itself this season for the Hérault club, as manager Patrice Collazo regrets. "Money time is a reflection of a season. When you've lacked control all season, you can't come out and say that we're trying to master as many things as possible, he explains. But we also see that as soon as we don't master something, we immediately get into difficulty and we pay cash for it. It’s the opposite of Toulouse which has mastered its season and is arriving. This is the difference between a team that is first and a team that is second to last"

As for his Toulouse opponent, the Hérault manager has no doubt about his motivation, despite the prospect of a European final. & quot;Sunday night. They hosted the leader, Stade Français, and they gave them 50. I want to say, being average in many things, as Hugo Mola said at the end of the match, temper Collazo. I expect a competitive team coming. And to know the house a little, Toulouse likes to finish first. The regular phases, finishing second, annoys them a bit. I don't expect a gift, I don't expect an ultra-reshuffled team."

"We no longer have our destiny in our hands"

"We no longer have our destiny in our hands, so now we just have to win, put in great performances, as we have made in Castres, explains for his part the third line Leni Nouchi.I think we put out a great performance there. We came very close to a very good result All we have to do is win and hope that we don't put others above us."

The U20 world champion is well aware that his team will have to fight hard to avoid the play-off match. "It’s true that we have one foot in the dam, we cannot deny it. Now, we have world-class players in the team who have already played matches under pressure much more than at the moment, so we have to use them too, try to make the most of them. learn from them and follow the group, follow the leaders that are in this team, the oldest, to pick up the slope and continue to move forward despite poor results."< /em>

Same story for fullback Julien Tisseron, who replaces Anthony Bouthier after his serious injury. "If we don't impose this weekend, we really know where we are going to set foot for the end of the season. We want to win at all costs, the content we will see, but from an accounting point of view, we have to score now, insists the former Bayonnais . We do pretty decent matches lately, but we can't bring home the four points for victory, so we absolutely need that this weekend.

"If we don't make 3 out of 3…"

"We no longer have too much pressure, because we know where we are. The pressure, we had it a few months ago, he continues. These last three matches, we just have to& We ask ourselves questions, we must not put negative pressure on ourselves. We have one foot for this dam and there, we really have to let go and give everything. And if we do things well, we are not the master of our destiny either, because there are teams who have big matches to play, so we will watch the opponents too.& nbsp;For us, if we don't do 3 out of 3, we can't hope for anything else."

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