Online businesses: the Amazon platform remains an undisputed leader

Online businesses: the Amazon platform remains an undisputed leader

Selon le classement Fevad 2023, la plateforme américaine Amazon truste les premières places dans les ventes sur Internet.

The powerful American group monopolizes the first places in the Fevad 2023 ranking of e-commerce sites in terms of number of customers in France.

An indisputable and unbeatable leader. The American platform Amazon takes first place, in almost all categories, in the Fevad 2023 ranking of e-commerce sites in number of customers, produced by the Federation of e-commerce and distance selling.

1. Leader in all sectors

In its annual ranking, Fevad reviews the 10 markets representative of the main e-commerce sectors. Amazon is the site that attracts the most customers in France in fashion, cultural products, electronic products and household appliances, games and toys, sporting goods, beauty, health and home products. ;#39;hygiene, furniture and decoration, DIY and tools.

Only two sectors are doing well in the face of the hegemony of the American platform. This is the site of the distributor Leclerc in food and consumer products, and in e-tourism. "There are two sectors today that are experiencing a double-digit increase in the number of their customers: food and travel and leisure", explains Marc Lolivier, general delegate of Fevad.

Online businesses: the Amazon platform remains an undisputed leader

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In 2023, fashion constituted "the second e-commerce market in France in terms of its number of buyers". Nearly 55% of e-shoppers said they had purchased at least one product in the category in the last 12 months. If Amazon maintains the lead in this sector, it is closely followed by Vinted, Shein, Decathlon and Zalando.

2. A rapidly growing e-commerce market

In 2023, the e-commerce market in France recorded 2.35 billion orders, according to Fevad. This represents growth of almost 5%. With an average basket also increasing by 5.4%. "This is a sector which is now well anchored in the daily lives of the French" , notes its general delegate. However, with a downside: last year, sales of products on the Internet recorded a drop of 1.8% compared to 2022, when the services sector soared with an increase of 20%. %.

Internet sales more important in the South of France

The gap is certainly not huge, but the results of the activity are significant. of e-commerce in France reveals that transactions are more numerous in the South of France than in the North. According to the Observatory of Internet Uses-Médiamétrie, in the fourth quarter of 2022, in Occitanie, 85.5% of internet users have carried out internet browsing. a purchase on an e-commerce site. It is 85.3% in Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur and Corsica, 74.9% in New Aquitaine. Only the Center region surpasses Occitanie, with a regional penetration rate of 86.4%. À Conversely, this rate shows (only) 78.6% in Hauts de France, 78.2% in Normandy and 72.1% in Brittany. “The primary motivation for buyers on the Internet is the side' practical, the time saving that this offers, comments Marc Lolivier, delegateé General of the Fevad. But that's not all. The other motivation is price research. Finally, it is the choice of larger products that e-commerce sites offer. One of the lessons from the study recently carried out by the Federation of e-commerce sites is that This is the significant mobilization of Internet users in rural areas. "It's important for them because they don't have much choice in the offerings of physical businesses located near their homes. Without forgetting also young people who often turn to online sales sites because they can find original products there.

Concerns about inflation do not seem to have affected online consumers. Indeed, despite a decline, sales of products on merchant sites nevertheless showed an increase in 2023, albeit slight, of 1% of the average basket. Or 59 euros. "We cannot say that the drop recorded can be interpreted as a step backwards, insists Marc Lolivier. Indeed, e-commerce activity in France is still up 20% compared to the pre-Covid period.

3. More and more e-retailers

According to Fevad, no less than 150,000 e-commerce sites are listed in France. The sector continues to show a certain dynamism, since the number of its players is up 10%. "However, it's a very fragmented sector". A sector which, moreover, influences the l& #39;employment. According to Fevad, 9% of the active population works in conjunction with e-commerce sites.

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