Open days at the Compagnons du Devoir house in Nîmes: half a century of know-how and inspiration

Open days at the Compagnons du Devoir house in Nîmes: half a century of know-how and inspiration

Comme Elisé, ils sont 450 jeunes apprenants à suivre la formation en alternance à Nîmes. Midi Libre – Pierre Meuriot

Chaque année, l’établissement nîmois ouvre ses portes au public suscitant l’intérêt des futurs Compagnons de demain.

The Compagnons du Devoir house in Nîmes, a jewel of professional training, opened its doors to the public this Saturday, March 23, to celebrate its fiftieth anniversary. Marked by a series of exciting activities, this event highlighted traditional trades and the opportunities offered by the training center, located a stone's throw from Avenue Kennedy.

50 years ago, a lime kiln

Anchored in local history, the building itself is imbued with the spirit of the Companions of Duty. Formerly a lime kiln, it was transformed under the direction of journeyman stonemason Armand Pellier, to become the house we know today, inaugurated in 1973.

Originally, the Compagnons du Devoir house was built to accommodate 60 residents. Today, the Nîmes establishment welcomes 450 young people annually, including 80 residents working in local businesses. The house is a real springboard towards a promising future, allowing each learner to have all the keys in hand to build their professional future.

Open days at the Compagnons du Devoir house in Nîmes: half a century of know-how and inspiration

Pastry is a sector that attracts a lot every year. Midi Libre – Pierre Meuriot

"Community life occupies an important place"

During this open day, visitors had the opportunity to discover the different rooms and work centers, demonstrating the expertise and diversity of the professions taught. Hands-on demonstrations also allowed guests to try their hand at a variety of tasks, from stone cutting to masonry, painting and woodworking.

At the heart of this day were the inspiring testimonies of the companions themselves. "My grandfather is a farmer and I always liked doing something with my hands, says Elisé, 18 years old, aspiring journeyman and founder. Community life occupies an important place and I like it. As much as traveling thanks to the Tour de France." Employment, apprenticeship or professionalization contract, initial training, work-study, follows a rhythm of 4 to 6 weeks in a company and 2 to 3 weeks in an apprentice training center (CFA). "It’is extremely educational", confides Lucie, building painter.

The house of the Compagnons in 2024

Since 1973, the Nîmois training center has continued to develop. to expand and attract customers. In 2024, the Maison des Compagnons de Nîmes is’s: 450 young learners at the CFA, training offered in 6 professions: bakery , baking, painting, creation and maintenance of green spaces, masonry and roofing as well as 80 young people on the Tour de France course. Covering an area of ​​4,935 m2, the establishment has 10 classrooms, 104 accommodation beds and various workshops.

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