Orange will dismantle the telephone network near you: how to know if your municipality is affected ?

Orange will dismantle the telephone network near you: how to know if your municipality is affected ?

Orange is committed to permanently closing the copper network throughout the country by 2030. MarekUsz/Getty Images

Orange will soon accelerate the closure of its aging and obsolete copper network in favor of fiber. By 2030, the entire network should be permanently cut off. A calendar of closures, municipality by municipality, is accessible online, in order to best prepare the population for this technological transition.

The planned shutdown of xDSL telephony and Internet access in favor of fiber will lead to the closure of the copper network, aging and less and less used, almost everywhere in France.< /p>

This operation was initiated and is still managed today by Orange, all supervised by the Electronic Communications Regulatory Authority (Arcep).

Several conditions to respect

A first experimental closure of lots runs until the end of 2025, after which the operation will accelerate in a second, much larger phase across the entire territory , in mainland France and overseas.

In all cases, certain conditions must be respected before definitively cutting the network in a municipality, such as ensuring that optical fiber is available throughout the entire area considered and warning populations well in advance. on the closure schedule.

Switch to fiber before January 31, 2026

To help consumers, Orange has set up a dedicated page to find out whether or not your municipality is affected by the copper shutdown and when.

Please note that from January 31, 2026, it will no longer be possible to take out a new subscription to services using the copper network, wherever you live in France. When the copper network is permanently cut in your home, you will absolutely have to switch to a fiber optic offer, with the operator of your choice, to maintain telephone and/or Internet access.

20 million fiber optic subscriptions

Now more than 80% of premises in France are eligible for fiber, more reliable and faster, but also much less energy intensive than the copper network.

The number of fiber optic Internet subscriptions is now close to 20 million in France, according to the latest figures published by Arcep. In addition, among the 43.8 million premises identified by operators on the national territory, 36.2 million are already connectable to fiber.

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