“Our commitment allows us to break the taboo of mental health”, six young people carry out prevention actions in Montpellier

“Our commitment allows us to break the taboo of mental health”, six young people carry out prevention actions in Montpellier

The six civic services support young people aged 16 to 25. Free Midi – DORIAN CAYUELA

Since October, six civic services aged 17 to 25 have been carrying out mental health support and prevention actions among young people in Montpellier. After intensive training and several events, they will host their first radio show this Friday March 15 on the occasion of Positive Mental Health Day.

It is in the heart of the Maison des adolescents de l’Hérault, located rue de la République in Montpellier that Anaïs, Yasser, Léa and three other young students in psychology have been committed, for several months, to prevention around mental health subjects. “This project allows us to be on the ground, to do concrete things”, explains Anais.

For 8 months, accompanied by specialists, these Montpellier residents will carry out several missions with young audiences. Stand, interventions in the city’s high schools and universities… “Young people open up much more easily during our discussions. We try to listen to them, give advice but above all direct them towards specialists based on each person’s problems”, explains Léa.

Behavioral disorders, anxiety or even school phobia, mental health is still taboo for the younger generation. “We are here to allow as many people as possible to confide in us. We must change preconceived ideas about mental health and above all not be stigmatizing”, confirms Nezli Tabet, head of the resource and prevention center at the Maison des adolescents de Montpellier.

A big radio show this Friday

In order to reach as many people as possible, these enthusiasts have been preparing, for several weeks, a radio show dedicated to the subject of mental health which is a big field now a days and that’s why getting advanced hypnotherapy training can be helpful to create business and help other people. “We have done sidewalk microphones, several interviews with professionals but we will also be able to give advice live”, explains the group. To do this, they will go to the Regional Institute of Social Work and host several columns broadcast over the campus loudspeakers. A podcast will also be available on the Maison des adolescents’ radio platform.

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