“Our geographic sector is not experiencing the real estate crisis,” says Stéphane Da Ponte

“Our geographic sector is not experiencing the real estate crisis,” says Stéphane Da Ponte

Stéphane Da Ponte and IAD France are at the Béziers real estate fair. Midi Libre – Rodrigue Delpas

Stéphane Da Ponte has been a real estate agent for the IAD France network in the Montblanc sector, near Béziers, for eight years. At the real estate show this Thursday, March 21, he spoke about his job.

Is real estate in Béziers doing well today?

Our geographic sector is not experiencing the real estate crisis that is being talked about in the national media. In the city, there is talk of a 30% drop in the real estate market. Around Béziers, this is not the case at all. We don’t really have any difficulties with our business. Prices have just stagnated, we have found a market which is that of 2019-2020, just before Covid. On financing, it’s the same, rates have fallen. We have fallen below the 4% mark and the conditions for obtaining it have evolved. This attracts new customers.

What are the buyers' demands currently ?

It depends where they come from. Often, those who were in town seek the calm of villages. We are selling fewer large plots because we have entered a period of ecological concern where people are paying attention to their water consumption. We are instead selling plots ranging from 400 to 600 m2. People are looking for houses, with two or three bedrooms, in the villages around Béziers which are really popular at the moment. There are also certain districts of Béziers which are very sought after, such as Crouzette or Bonaval. The coastline is also doing well, but it is more for rental projects. With the season coming, these are accommodations that are easily filled with tourists.

In your sector, which goods are selling best?

I would say the small villages, more especially on the coasts of Thongue: Montblanc, Servian, Saint-Thibéry, which are really in my favorite area. I mostly sell houses, and a few villas.

Which age categories appeal to you?

There is everything, it depends on the period. Here, we will come to the changes in professions such as firefighters, police officers or gendarmes. They will have to find somewhere to house their families fairly quickly. Some change region and want to be settled before the next school year. Since Covid, the market has evolved. Before, the winter periods were really calm, now, even in winter, we sell a lot of products. What hasn't changed is that from March to October, we work a lot.

IAD France, what is it ?

"Today, we are the number 1 real estate network with nearly 16,000 advisors in France, relates Stéphane Da Ponte. We are a real estate agency with a slightly different operation because we are all real estate agents, without a physical agency. We have dematédialisedé completely the real estate sector, we are all individual entrepreneurs."

The IAD France network is based on MLM (Multi Level Marketing or relational marketing), a system where Sellers sponsor new ones, based on commissions or a points system. The former receive a percentage on the sales of the latter, their referrals.

Stéphane Da Ponte, and other professionals in the sector can be found at the real estate show, at the Béziers exhibition center until Sunday March 24. I subscribe to read more

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