Overdose Flu Vaccine Removed From Market: What's Wrong With Sanofi's Efluelda ?

On Tuesday April 23, 2024, the Directorate General of Health announced that it was withdrawing the overdose vaccine Efluelda from the market. The anti-flu drug is marketed by Sanofi.

While health authorities are increasing vaccination campaigns, laboratories are scrambling for sales prices. Efluelda, Sanofi's flu vaccine, has been withdrawn from the market, reports l’AFP.

What is its particularity?

Efluelda is a so-called vaccine "overdose". Indeed, poses TF1 info, it is four times higher in dose than traditional vaccines used to prevent influenza, such as VaxigripTetra, also owned by Sanofi.

It is reserved for people aged over 65, who are at greatest risk of developing complications.

A cost not high enough

Tuesday, the General Directorate of Health (DGS) announced the withdrawal of the vaccine from the market in a message addressed to pharmacists: "We wish you inform of the withdrawal from the market of the Efluelda vaccine marketed by the Sanofi laboratory in the coming weeks."

At the origin of this withdrawal, a disagreement between the DGS and the Sanofi laboratory. The latter accuses the General Directorate of Health of having set a selling price too low to market its vaccine.

In a press release, the pharmaceutical giant criticizes the prices set by the health authorities for its product : "The authorities have decided to establish its new price at a level lower than the production and distribution costs of this vaccine."

Believing that with this price, the vaccine was no longer profitable enough, or even that it would lead to losses, he therefore decided to withdraw it from the market. Sanofi also adds that it "regrets this decision which makes it impossible to make this vaccine available".

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