Palavas: why the town has been classified as a tourist resort since 1924

Palavas: why the town has been classified as a tourist resort since 1924

Le casino de Palavas dans les années 1920.

Laure Pasquet, directrice de l’office de tourisme, évoque le centenaire du classement de Palavas-les-Flots comme station balnéaire et précise les festivités prévues pour célébrer cet anniversaire.

Comment Palavas a-t-elle obtenu ce classement ?

Palavas is above all a fishing village. In 1924, people began to come and enjoy the benefits of the waters, the children's hospital the Institut Saint-Pierre had just been built, the little train linked the village to Montpellier, Montpellier residents built second homes. The fishermen quickly understood the need to be recognized by the State as a tourist town, at the time the term was seaside and climatic resort.

The label has evolved over the past hundred years. What is a tourist resort today?

In 2006, the State grouped everything under the term tourist resort. The classification was for life, now it is awarded for 12 years. And the framework for obtaining it is constantly reviewed.
To be a tourist resort, you must first be a tourist municipality: have a certain number of tourist accommodations in relation to the population. Then have a Tourist Office classified in category 1 (audited every five years) and with the Qualité tourisme™ mark. Criteria for the cleanliness of the city, the presence of medical infrastructure, coherent town planning and now a sustainable tourism component are also taken into account. Today the term classified resort does not speak to tourists but it guarantees them quality services. And for the City it’s very important.

Palavas: why the town has been classified as a tourist resort since 1924

Laure Pasquet, director of the tourist office. Midi Libre – C.D.

How are you going to celebrate this centenary?

The first event took place on April 16, a guided tour, developed with the fishermen, on the history and techniques of local fishing. We were full, 70 people, delighted. We will do it again on October 22 and in June for CM2 classes. The whole year will be marked with this centenary banner, everyone will participate a little. But the highlight will be Saturday June 1st, a choice taken outside the summer (and Olympic) tourist period so that there is an economic interest.

June 1st in detail

At 11:30 a.m. an exhibition of historical photos will be inaugurated, in the presence of centenary ambassador Aurore Kichenin (1st runner-up to Miss France 2017 and Miss Palavas). Located on the left bank pier and in front of the Saint-Pierre Institute on the right side. range up’à At the end of the year, she retraces the traditions of Palavas.

The Alligator company will present a show in front of the seafront in front of the town hall. 6 p.m. very fun in the form of a fake filming on the tourist history of the city. The day before May 30   6:30 p.m. a casting will be held & Nautilus for people who would like to participate.

À from 7 p.m. two Brazilian batucada troupes and the Cielo poetic troupe with its show The People of the Water will deploy in the streets of the center and wander in front of all the terraces. At 9 p.m. in front of the casino, DJ Getdown, Palavasian artist, will host a chronological ball with music from the 1920s to 1980s. now.

What are the areas of development that you will implement in the coming years ?

Palavas has no problem with notoriety, the name evokes something to everyone nationally and internationally. We will promote the aspect of authenticity, tradition, fishing. The future is our past, we are a fishing village, we may have forgotten it for a while.

We also want to work on seasonal wings which concern almost the whole year to be honest! For example, the Christmas period becomes very important, this year our entire entertainment policy has been reviewed. We want to encourage owners of second homes to come more often to their apartments by the sea. Spreading out tourist flows in terms of sustainable development is better.
The idea is to have a living station all year round. People who come outside of July and August have more budget to consume. In 2023 in September we were not far from July in terms of attendance.

And on the sustainable tourism side?

We aim to register Palavas on the “Green destination” of the Occitanie region. We have assets: the ponds classified as Natura 2000, the underwater reserve and in June the opening of an underwater trail, cycle paths, a small fishery that respects the environment. environment, an involved fishermen's Prud’homie which ensures compliance with all regulations and service providers who offer eco-responsible activities. We also push on the image of sport, for example surfing. It is little known to the general public but the orientation in the bay makes it a suitable spot for practicing this sport. I also want to promote sporting events that already existed or are starting, such as the women's pétanque world championship and the French beach tennis championship at the end of August.

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