Pardon at the Fabre museum, the uncle without a grave, label for Camargue salt… the essential news in the region

Pardon at the Fabre museum, the uncle without a grave, label for Camargue salt... the essential news in the region

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Des objets Fang aux enchères

#GARD – As part of an inheritance from Jean Pouderou, who was administrator of France Overseas in the 1960s and Secretary of State for Cooperation, master Franck Puaux discovered an exceptional collection of African art , Fang statuettes and masks, in the surroundings of Bagnols-sur-Cèze. These ten treasures, estimated between 1,000 and 10,000 euros, will be sold at auction on Thursday February 8 at the Nîmes auction house. In the same sale, we will find five Malagasy shields and a statuette, also discovered in Gard.

Raymond Depardon offers 200 photos to the Fabre museum

#MONTPELLIER – Tuesday January 30, photographer Raymond Depardon officially donated a collection of 200 photos to the Fabre museum, Montpellier. Three sets (black and white) constitute this precious legacy: Rural (86 prints made between 1981 and 2000), His eye in my hand (85 photos taken in Évian and Algeria), Communes (32 photos taken in Gard, l& rsquo;Hérault, Lozère, in Aveyron in the summer of 2020). "I am very honored and deeply touched by this gesture. This is a profound act of your generosity which obliges us", declared Mayor Mickaël Delafosse. In 2025, the Pavillon populaire de Montpellier will give carte blanche to Raymond Depardon, on the occasion of the reopening of the place after renovation.

Salt obtains the IGP label

#CAMARGUE –This is the 1,687th agricultural product to benefit from the European label. On Wednesday January 31, the European Commission recorded the registration in the register of protected geographical indications (PGI) of “Sel de Camargue” and “Fleur de sel de Camargue”, designating a production coming precisely from the geographical area of ​​the Petite Camargue and its specificities. Practiced since the Middle Ages, with "specific harvesting methods", their production is characterized in particular by its & ;quot;white color". It is linked to "the nature of the sandy soils on which seawater circulates" and to the frequent renewal of these. They make it possible to have "brines containing very few insolubles".

Today's figure: 44,000

#MILLAU – This is, in euros, the amount that the City of Millau receives in tourist taxes, repaid in 2023 by the American housing rental giant Airbnb. In Aveyron, it is the most popular city for the platform. Rodez receives 35,000 euros and Villefranche-de-Rouergue 11,000 euros. In total, Aveyron was awarded more than 330,000 euros. The attractiveness of the Tarn gorges, several summer events and the viaduct are all assets that attract tourists to Millau.

Ready to bury their uncle in his garden

#GARD –Saturday January 27, a family from the Alésien basin faced the death of one of its members, a 74-year-old man living in Saint-Martin-de-Valgégales. The deceased being of Muslim faith, she wishes to bury him in accordance with traditions. However, the Saint-Martin cemetery, built on rock, does not allow bodies to be placed underground. In an emergency, the family asked to be able to bury him in Alès. New disillusionment: the town hall refuses because although Muslim squares exist in the Tamaris cemetery, the law cannot allow a person to be buried there who does not reside or who has not died directly in the territory of the municipality. The relatives of the deceased will then go so far as to dig the hole to bury him themselves, in his own garden. An illegal act in France. A solution was finally found with the commune of Saint-Julien-les-Rosiers. "Members of the family reside in Saint-Julien and said they were ready to assume responsibility for the concession", explains Mayor Serge Bord.

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