Paris 2024 Olympic Games: 715 people, including 10 on S files, rejected from organizing the Games

Paris 2024 Olympic Games: 715 people, including 10 on S files, rejected from organizing the Games

Toutes les vérifications sont faites dans un contexte de menace terroriste “très élevée” en France. MAXPPP – Franck Dubray

Après enquête, plusieurs centaines de personnes ont été écartées des JO "pour de potentiels risques". 

À ce stade, 715 personnes, dont 10 fichées S, ont été écartées des Jeux olympiques et paralympiques de Paris-2024 "for potential risks", announced Thursday the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, on X.

"Olympic Games follow-up meeting: 150 816 security investigations were carried out (relay relays the flame, private security personnel, service providers,  etc.). 715 people were thus excluded for potential risks, including 10 individuals listed as S. We remain firm and extremely vigilant", he indicated.

The minister’s entourage clarified that further investigations remained to be carried out. For months, investigator-analysts have been discreetly sifting through the hundreds of thousands of accreditation requests from the Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Cojop), or from the prefectures involved in the big event. planetary.

Increased vigilance around protected areas

Their objective: to ensure that those who request authorization do not constitute a risk to the security of the event, in a context of terrorist threat< em> "very high" in France. "There can be no issuance of accreditation from Cojo Until there has been a security investigation result […], it’s really for anyone except the viewer", said Julien Dufour, head of the National Service of Administrative Security Investigations (Sneas), in charge of this mission for the Olympic Games at the beginning of March.

At the top of the accredited list, 10,500 athletes selected for the Olympic Games (July 26-August 11), 4,400 for the Paralympic Games (August 28-August 8, ;nbsp;September), their staff (trainers, trainers…) and some 26,000 journalists. Then come up to 22,000 private security agents and 45,000 volunteers, although not all are subject to a security investigation, obligatory only for those who have access to protected areas.

All files explored

The first stage of the administrative security investigation procedure involves screening, that is to say consultation of the various police and intelligence files (national or supranational) . If no security risk appears, Sneas issues an opinion without objection which is equivalent to a green light.

Conversely, if the name of the person appears in one of these files, an investigator-analyst then assesses whether the facts which gave rise to this registration are likely to represent a threat as part of its mission during the Olympics.

Depending on the evaluation, the Sneas may issue an opinion of incompatibility – "motivated", insists Julien Dufour – and the request for accreditation must be refused.

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