Paris 2024 Olympic Games. “​​​​​​​It was worth the fight, it’s a bath of energy!” : Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris, enthusiastic as the flame passes through Montpellier

Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, attended the passing of the Olympic flame this Monday, May 13 in Sète then in Montpellier alongside the mayor of the city. She made a stopover at the editorial office of Midi Libre to share her enthusiasm. 

From the Cadre Royal in Sète to the lighting of the cauldron, on the Esplanade de l'Europe in Montpellier, Anne Hidalgo followed the journey of the Olympic flame throughout the day alongside Michaël Delafosse."I am very happy to be there alongside my favorite mayor! Montpellier is more than legitimate to welcome the flame. It's a dynamic, cultural, sporting city, there is a joy of living, a diversity. It's very moving: from the dream of organizing the Games in Paris to the reality, what was it worth fighting for! It's going to be an energy bath!" 

"Olympism is a humanism"

With less than two months until kick-off, the host city is ready, assures the chosen one. "We made sure that the infrastructure is there, that the Games correspond to our ambitions. Above all, at a time when the world is not doing very well, give this possibility of a fraternal meeting, the first moment of gathering after the Covid of Humanity, give each other the flame from hand to hand. hand, it's a very beautiful signal. It's not a care bear's dream, it's a human dream, for children, of a future in which there will be no war but fraternity. Olympism is humanism!" 

His prediction in terms of medals ? "I love swimming, but there is handball too. Montpellier is well placed! Handball is a school discipline. the French federation has shown that we can be the best by remaining humble." 

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