Paris 2024 Olympic Games: Montpellier residents Victor Koretzky and Pierre Le Corre selected to compete in the Olympic Games

Paris 2024 Olympic Games: Montpellier residents Victor Koretzky and Pierre Le Corre selected to compete in the Olympic Games

Victor Koretzky sera bien aux Jeux Olympiques cet été. MAXPPP – MAXIME SCHMID

Ce mercredi 5 juin, les sélections françaises de triathlon, de VTT et de BMX Racing sont tombées. Deux Montpelliérains, Victor Koretzky et Pierre Le Corre, ont été retenus.

The life of a coach is sometimes terrible. The DTN of the French Triathlon Federation has again noted this. It was he who was to decide, this Wednesday, which are the two trios (men's and women's) who will go to the Paris Olympic Games this summer (July 26-August 11).

"For me, it’s the toughest French selection, all sports combined", declared& nbsp;the Montpellier triathlete Pierre Le Corre (34 years old), one of the contenders for a place in the Olympics. A whole bunch of criteria had to be met by the athletes to hope to obtain an automatic ticket. What Le Corre did, the only Frenchman to have ticked all the boxes. He was therefore automatically selected for the Olympic selection for this summer.

Less suspense among the girls

The original Breton was not, however, the favorite on the starting line. Léo Bergère (2021 world champion), Dorian Coninx (2023 world champion) and Vincent Luis (2019 and 2020 world champion) had a head start. But the latter is coming out of two years disrupted by injuries. And despite Coninx's physical problem, hit in the arm, Luis will be content with a substitute place, leaving the first two to accompany Pierre Le Corre.

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The men's race will take place on Tuesday, July 30, at 8 a.m. The mixed relay will be on August 5, an event in which the Blues won the bronze medal in Tokyo in 2021.

For the women, the suspense was less there. As expected, Cassandre Beaugrand (winner of the WTCS in Cagliari ten days ago), Léonie Périault (winner of the WTCS in Yokohama a month ago) and Emma Lombardi were selected. All are in contention for a medal on Wednesday, July 31, the day the women's race starts (8 a.m.).

Koretzky, obviously

The French MTB and BMX Racing selection has also fallen. Unsurprisingly, Hérault resident Victor Koretzky will obviously be one of the spearheads of the French cross-country delegation. To tame the Elancourt hill on July 29, the 5th of the Tokyo Games will be accompanied by Jordan Sarrou, also a candidate for the medal.

Among the girls, Pauline Ferrand-Prévot is the leader. The world champion will be supported by Loana Lecomte, Olympic vice-champion. These two can hit it big next July 28, the day of the women's race.

Daudet as leader in BMX Racing

In BMX Racing, where France has great ambitions, the men's team will be made up of Joris Daudet, who became world champion for the third time on May 18 in the United States, of Romain Mahieu, 2023 world champion, and Sylvain André, 2018 world champion.

These three men were already in the final three years ago at the Tokyo Games, where they missed, against all expectations, a medal, a disappointment that they will want to erase in Paris on the 2nd. ;August.

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