Paris 2024 Olympic Games: “No Olympic truce”, the CGT announces having filed strike notices during the Games

Paris 2024 Olympic Games: “No Olympic truce”, the CGT announces having filed strike notices during the Games

Les préavis de grèves pour les JO “sont déposés”, annonce la CGT. MAXPPP – Thomas Padilla

Le premier syndicat de la fonction publique, la CGT, a annoncé avoir déposé des préavis de grève pour la fonction publique en prévision notamment des Jeux Olympiques.

The CGT has filed strike notices in the three branches of the civil service running from April 15 to September 15 and which will therefore cover the period of the Olympic Games (July 26-August 11). ) and Paralympics (August 28-September 8), she announced on Wednesday.

"No Olympic truce" warned the first public service union in a press release, which had already know his intention to call a strike during the Olympics.

The CGT joins Force Ouvrière

He requests in particular "permanent recruitment, salary compensation for professional constraints generated by the Games, […] leave rights, chosen teleworking and disconnection.

This notice joins that of the second public service union, Force Ouvrière (FO), which had also filed a strike notice at the beginning of March extending over the entire period of the Olympic Games, demanding better pay for civil servants.

The CFDT (3rd union) and Unsa (4th) have conversely made it known that they are not calling at this stage for mobilization during the Olympic Games, the general secretary of the CFDT assuring at the beginning of March that the confederation had "no desire to spoil this festive moment."

Bonuses for the Olympics

"The whole country hopes that there will be no strikes" during the Games Olympic Games, Minister of the Civil Service Stanislas Guerini insisted at the beginning of March.

He then judged "very inaccurate" the unions’s assertion that there was no would have no dialogue with the government to prepare for the Olympic Games and confirmed that public officials mobilized during the Olympics would receive bonuses of 500, 1,000 or even 1,500 euros, depending on their degree of ;rsquo;involvement and impact of the event on their profession.

"We were able to see that money was flowing here too […] with a payroll of 584, 8 million euros for only around thirty leaders of the 2024 JOP organizing committee", for its part denounced the CGT on Wednesday.

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