Paris 2024 Olympic Games: Seine-Saint-Denis will distribute 150,000 free tickets for the events and the opening ceremony

Paris 2024 Olympic Games: Seine-Saint-Denis will distribute 150,000 free tickets for the events and the opening ceremony

Le siège social du COJO, situé à Saint-Denis. MAXPPP – Bruno Levesque

The department of Seine-Saint-Denis announced on Tuesday that it would distribute to its residents 150,000 free tickets for the events of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris, to which were added 28,000 places for the opening ceremony. on July 26 on the Seine.

"More than 10 % of the population of Seine-Saint-Denis will be able to attend an event or the opening ceremony", s’ is delighted Stéphane Troussel the president (PS) of the department – which actually has more than 1.65 million inhabitants –, during a press conference. These entries come from the State grant, the Paris-2024 organizing committee, the Ile-de-France region and the purchase of tickets.

The department of Seine-Saint-Denis, where a large part of the events will be held, spent more than one million euros for the purchase of 40,000 tickets.

Tickets intended for those who have "underwent or will undergo the Games"

The target audiences for the allocation of these places are in particular "college students, with nearly 17,000 places that will be offered to them". Elderly people, people with disabilities, those far from employment, territorial agents and the sports movement will also benefit. After a brief standoff with the State and communities, Seine-Saint-Denis obtained an extension in the distribution of some 220,000 free places for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

The department "will have 13% of the ticket office, or 28,000 tickets". This is "a high range", "we are totally satisfied", confided Mr. Troussel. Of this quota, 10,000 places are allocated to the Plaine Commune agglomeration community which includes the towns of Saint-Denis and Saint-Ouen.

They are intended in particular for those who have "undergoed or will undergo the Games", specifies the socialist mayor of Saint-Denis (PS) Mathieu Hanotin . In this case, “residents who live in the red traffic zone", i.e. 20 000 eligible people, adds the councilor, who will also organize "Olympic fairs" to offer your tickets.

30 000 places to be won on an application

The Ile-de-France region announced that it had recovered "20 000 places" for the opening ceremony, during the presentation of the popular ticket office in Seine-Saint-Denis in Bobigny. The Paris town hall, for its part, obtained 60,000 places, according to the entourage of the Minister of Sports and the Olympic Games Amélie Oudéa-Castéra.

A meeting will be held on Thursday within the interministerial delegation to the Olympic and Paralympic Games to formalize the distribution of places. The Region also purchased 50,000 tickets for the Olympic and Paralympic events, said special delegate to the Olympic Games Yasmine Camara during the press conference. Nearly 30,000 places are up for grabs on "LABAZ", the application of the Region's good deals for 15-25 year olds.

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