Paris 2024 Olympic Games: these teacher-student pairs who will represent their school in the torch relay

Paris 2024 Olympic Games: these teacher-student pairs who will represent their school in the torch relay

Séverine Maire, formatrice, et son élève Gabriel Le Noach, le binôme qui représentera l’école d’infirmiers et d’aides soignants de Narbonne. Midi Libre – Richard Gougis

Pour le relais de la Flamme, en mai, des binômes professeurs élèves ont été choisis par la Banque populaire du Sud pour faire rayonner des écoles d’Occitanie.

"You are statistically more likely to win the lottery than to be a torchbearer at the Olympic Games…"

This statement from Cyril Brun, general director of the Banque populaire du Sud, may come as a surprise. But it is logical when we think that the Olympic Games in France only happen once a century and that only 11,000 elected officials will have the chance to carry the Olympic and Paralympic flame next May.

3000 of these "chosen ones" will participate in team relays, allowing more fans to experience this unique adventure.

Highlights of the Torch Relay in the region

The Olympic flame will be lit in Greece on April 16, in the sanctuary of Olympia, and will disembark on May 8, 2024 at the Olympic Games. Marseille à edge of the Belem, before beginning its slow climb towards the capital.

64 territories will be affected for 10,000 carriers (1,000 will need to be added before the Paralympics). Each torchbearer will cover 200m, or four minutes of eternity.

In the region, the relay will offer on May 13 a triptych of Sète, Millau and Montpellier, which will be a stopover city. The flame will then continue its route through Perpignan (May 15), with a passage to Font-Romeu and on the peaks of Canigou, Carcassonne (May 16), Toulouse (May 17), Auch (May 18), Tarbes (May 19).

As a premium sponsor and official partner of the relay, Banque populaire du sud was able to set up a series of collective relays on the theme of its choice. "Highlighting the transmission of knowledge seemed obvious to us because we are in contact with many schools in the region, explains Cyril Brun. We therefore chose around ten schools in the region by offering to form a teacher-student pair for this collective relay." These 24 people will accompany disabled fencer Enzo Giorgi, who will carry the flame during this relay.

"Bringing together ordinary people who have done extraordinary things"

"We only live through the link with the territory. We do not have shareholders but member clients who have purchased a share. It therefore seemed natural to us to share this privilege of being bearers of the flame with everyone on the ground by bringing together ordinary people who have done extraordinary things< /em>, further specifies Cyril Brun. He himself will be a torchbearer for the Paralympics "because the subject of inclusion has been a major one for a long time within the Banque Populaire du Sud."< /em>

Representative of the Narbonne school of nurses and caregivers (IFMS) Séverine Maire does not shy away from her pleasure. Passionate about running, this trainer is preparing for the New York marathon, nothing less. We might as well tell you that she will be ready for this unique moment whose perspective enlightens her eyes: "This flame symbolizes the transmission of the knowledge that drives us and we also find the collective aspect that we favor on a daily basis."

Gabriel Le Noach, his partner, a first year nursing student, did not hesitate to apply in line with his commitment as a volunteer firefighter: "It’is important to also carry values, to represent your school and to support a Paralympic athlete because we are very aware of disability in health professions.& ;quot;

"A school career is a test of endurance"

Under the colors of the IDEM of Perpignan (Higher School of Creative and Digital Professions), Amandine Sales, associate director, will team up with Adrien Sar, one of her former audiovisual bachelor students. Proud to represent an establishment which brings together 600 students in six sectors with a branch in Barcelona, ​​and also offers training within the framework of the CFA.

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This is precisely the path that Adrien followed before his last year of Bachelor. "At 17, a herniated disc forced me to stop my studies before the baccalaureate. L’Idem allowed me to pursue my dream of achieving success despite a second hernia."

Weight training, swimming, cycling… Rehabilitation also married Adrien to sport. "He’s an example of someone who went above and beyond to graduate as valedictorian" specifies Amandine, admiringly. She herself favors this running which "clears her head" regularly and sport in general & quot;which conveys so many positive values, including the integration that we defend at the same time."

Sailing hopeful and student at Paris Dauphine

"A school journey it’is both a test of endurance and speed, which cannot be cannot succeed without team spirit" underlines this former school teacher while Adrien sees in the flame "values ​​of unit, force"…

But sport and learning are never better reconciled than in the centers where tomorrow's champions are trained. The Montpellier resident Théa Lubac, 20 years old, a great hope in sailing, is working on her skills in Marseille with the best. Even if she was unable to qualify for Paris in the Laser, she is already dreaming of Los Angeles on another boat, the Nacra 17. "Being in the relay will be a bit my way of participating" she smiles.< /p>

His Montpellier partner, Philippe Boudiol, 75 years old, former skipper, has long trained Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls. "My dream would have been to see a mixed Olympic event bringing together able-bodied and disabled people, he says.I had worked on developing a boat for that, but the IOC never granted our request."

"Moved and proud, the culmination of a career"

Philippe nevertheless says "moved and proud" to participate in this relay & quot;which symbolizes the transmission and culmination of a coaching career."

Léa, she finds in the relay "this symbolism of sharing because the Olympics are not prepared alone" . Following her passion did not prevent her from studying organizational science at Paris Dauphine. Nice duo which embodies both the wisdom of knowledge and a future facing the open sea.

Everyone was gathered at the bank's headquarters for a day of discussions and workshops of all kinds. Four months before kick-off, the Games are already synonymous with mixing and diversity.

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