Paris 2024 Olympics: an agreement reached with the unions for the SNCF bonus, only the CGT-Cheminots rejected it

Paris 2024 Olympics: an agreement reached with the unions for the SNCF bonus, only the CGT-Cheminots rejected it

The SNCF has reached an agreement with the State with a view to the Olympic Games. Midi Libre – NICOLAS ZARROUK

The agreement proposed by the management of the SNCF for the payment of a specific bonus to railway workers mobilized during the period of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (JOP) was validated this Tuesday, June 4 by Sud-Rail , but rejected by the CGT-Cheminots, indicated the unions.

Sud-Rail with CFDT-Cheminots and Unsa-Ferroviaire, which had already indicated their intention to sign, thus form a sufficient union majority to validate the agreement. Management has proposed paying a bonus of 95 euros gross per day to railway workers who will work during the JOP, with a ceiling of 1,900 euros maximum.

The agreement is "fair with acceptable social and financial measures", welcomed Sud-Rail in a statement. The bonus will concern around 50,000 railway workers mobilized wherever tests take place – in Ile-de-France but also in Châteauroux, Saint-Etienne or even Marseille – regardless of their profession (station agents, maintenance, drivers…).

"No profession affects more than another, unlike the RATP for example", Sud-Rail also rejoiced.

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"After having collectively signed the agreement on the end of career, the progress obtained within the framework of the Olympic and Paralympic Games goes in the direction of& rsquo;calm the social climate within the SNCF", indicated the union.

The CGT-Cheminots positioned itself against

On the CGT-Cheminots side, the number one union but not the majority within the public group, the members "positioned themselves against (the agreement) by a very large majority", its general secretary, Thierry Nier, told AFP.

This majority agreement allows the management of the SNCF and its president Jean-Pierre Farandou to breathe less than two months before the Olympic Games.

The day before a conclusive meeting on these bonuses, a nearly united strike in the Ile-de-France region had paralyzed the RER and commuter trains in the region, in order to influence the negotiations.

This "preventive" strike had been denounced by the right and the government, including the Minister Delegate for Transport Patrice Vergriete for whom this movement "has harmed the interests and image of the company and its employees in the eyes of the English".

At the RATP, negotiations ended in mid-May and the mobilized agents will receive a bonus of 1,000 euros gross on average. This will vary depending on the profession since some metro or RER drivers will, for example, be able to receive up to 2,500 euros.

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