Paris 2024 Olympics: approached, Montpellier or Rodez will ultimately not host the preparation of Thierry Henry's Blues

Paris 2024 Olympics: approached, Montpellier or Rodez will ultimately not host the preparation of Thierry Henry's Blues

Comme les stades de Rodez et Toulouse, la Mosson a été envisagée pour accueillir l’équipe de France olympique. Midi Libre – SYLVIE CAMBON

Contacted or candidates to host an Olympic preparation match for the football tournament next July, the towns of Occitania were ultimately rejected.

Olivier Giroud back on the Mosson pitch. The image would be beautiful but it should not take place this summer. And not only because the current scorer for AC Milan and formerly of La Paillade is not yet certain of being able to join the French Olympic team. In search of a city to host one of their preparation matches for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games tournament, Thierry Henry's Olympics approached Montpellier. Before the track is abandoned, like for Rodez or Toulouse.

The three cities of Occitanie had been requested by the French Football Federation (FFF) for a friendly on July 17, one week before the entry into the running of the tricolor selection, as revealed by our colleagues from Center Presse Aveyron, which we are able to confirm.

Rodez saw it as a golden opportunity to inaugurate with great fanfare the third stand of a Paul-Lignon stadium currently being renovated.

Too far from the internship location, Arles on pole

The train has passed. In question, places too far from the French team's training course. It should take up residence near Aix-en-Provence, not far from Marseille where it will begin its tournament on July 24, against the United States at the Vélodrome stadium.

After Montpellier, Rodez or Toulouse, a rumor reported that this friendly Olympic meeting would be held at the Pibarot stadium in Alès. But no contact would have been made with the Cévennes leaders. According to our information, the match should finally take place in Arles.

The Tricolores have known since Wednesday the identity of their opponents during the group stage of the Olympic tournament. The draw put the United States, New Zealand and the winner of the play-off between Guinea and an Asian team on their way.

As a reminder, coach Thierry Henry can call up players born from 2001 but also three older players. Kylian Mbappé, Antoine Griezmann, Karim Benzema or Olivier Giroud could thus be part of this France team if their clubs release them. But they will not set foot on the grounds of Occitanie.

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