Paris 2024 Olympics: the Blues with Chotard and Estève, but without Savanier or Mbappé, for the moment

Paris 2024 Olympics: the Blues with Chotard and Estève, but without Savanier or Mbappé, for the moment

Téji Savanier et Joris Chotard dans le groupe des Bleus pour les Jeux Olympiques. Midi Libre – JEAN MICHEL MART

Thierry Henry a annoncé ce lundi 3 juin sa pré-liste pour les Jeux Olympiques cet été.

After playing in the Tokyo Games in the summer of 2021, Téji Savanier, the pailladin playmaker, was not selected in the pre-selection of Thierry Henry to compete in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games (the tournament begins on July 24).

Note the presence of another Montpellier resident, midfielder Joris Chotard. The latter is rewarded with an excellent season with the MHSC.

Various fortunes for ex-pailladins Maxime Estève, selected in defense, and Elye Wahi, not selected.

The pre-list for the Olympics

Guardians: Knight, Remains, Nkambadio, Risser

Defenders: Diakité, Estève, Locko, Lukeba, Sindillia, Truffert, Yoro

Midfielders: Chotard, Akliouche, Doué, Koné, Millot, Thuram, Ugochukwu, Zaire-Emery

Attackers: Barcola, Kalimuendo, Lacazette, Mateta, Olise, Tel

Among the pre-list of which the coach specified that this "could still evolve depending on the responses of certain clubs", no Kylian Mbappé, whose signing for Real Madrid should be announced in the coming hours.

Change by July 3

A selection including Alexandre Lacazette (33 years old) and Jean-Philippe Mateta (26 years old), two of the three authorized players over 23 years old. "There will be another +23 year old who will be summoned, I assure you", added Thierry Henry.

The Parisians Bradley Barcola and Warren Zaire-Emery are also in this list, as they will compete in the Euro (June 14-July 14).

By July 3 and the deadline, the list will most certainly evolve for Thierry Henry who seemed pessismistic about the situation, and the difficulty of constructing a list, with a lot of rejections from clubs: "The last time I got so many rejections was in college."

More information to follow…

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