Paris-Nice: Colombian Santiago Buitrago wins at Mont Brouilly

Paris-Nice: Colombian Santiago Buitrago wins at Mont Brouilly

Vainqueur sur le Tour d'Italie, Buitrago s'impose lors de la 4e étape de Paris-Nice. EPA/ANSA – LUCA ZENNARO

The Bahrain rider let go of his breakaway companion Luke Platt (Jayco-AlUla) upon arrival at Mont Broully. The latter nevertheless takes the yellow leader's jersey, Wednesday March 6,  

The Colombian Santiago Buitrago (Bahrain) won at the summit of Mont Brouilly on Wednesday during the 4th stage of Paris-Nice ahead of the Australian Luke Plapp (Jayco-AlUla) , who seizes the yellow leader's jersey.

This is the fifth career success for the 24-year-old Colombian climber, who notably counts two stages of the Tour of Italy under his belt. He beat Plapp, with whom he had escaped, by ten seconds, and a small peloton with the main favorites by around forty seconds.

The Belgian Remco Evenepoel attacked twice in the last kilometer to finish fourth in the stage but without managing to grab more than two seconds from Primoz Roglic and the other leaders.< /p>

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