Partial municipal election in Pont-Saint-Esprit: “All scenarios are possible” according to former elected official Daver

Partial municipal election in Pont-Saint-Esprit: “All scenarios are possible” according to former elected official Daver

Les électeurs de Pont-Saint-Esprit bientôt de retour aux urnes. MIDI LIBRE – Vincent ANDORRA

The prefect of Gard has three months to call a new municipal election. On the Spiripontain political scene, the time has therefore come for negotiations to constitute lists or appoint leaders. The return to the polls is the epilogue of several months of crisis latent then open between the mayor of Pont-Saint-Esprit and the members of his majority.

"I will not be at the top of the list. On the other hand, I will be part of the team of the Spiripontaine Citizen Union(UCS) " announces Daniel Ventajol. This business leader in Pont-Saint-Eprit is one of the leading figures in civil life. He never ran for office. He decided to join the Spiripontaine Citizen Union list founded by the late Catherine Chantry. "We are going to put in place a team of competent men and women who share the same sense of the general interest" he proclaims. "We are not running a political campaign that would consist of anathema to anyone" he responds to those who lend to   UCS proximity to the National Rally.

Vincent Rousselot thinks

Another local political figure, the socialist and former deputy for works, dismissed by the mayor, Vincent Rousselot should reveal his intentions in three weeks. "No decision has been made" he nevertheless specifies. And if it had to, it would be "collectively"The list would bring together people from all sides, like what Roger Castillon did underlines Vincent Rousselot.

The communists exclude nothing

"All scenarios are possible" declares former municipal councilor Jean-Marie  Daver. But it is the communist cell of Pont-Saint-Esprit that it will be up to decide on the course of action to follow in view of the next full municipal by-election. "We are able to make a  list in Pont-Saint-Esprit" insists for his part the secretary of the PCF section of Rhone Gard Elian Cellier. A meeting of the cell is planned for the first Monday of March 2024. "We will decide democratically" declares Jean-Marie  Daver.  The local PCF cell  has around 200 members.

Epilogue of a crisis within the majority

The return to the polls  is the epilogue of several months of latent and then open crisis between the mayor of Pont-Saint-Esprit and the members of his majority. What follows is the cascade of resignations of elected officials and following lists rendered the deliberative body inoperative forcing the mayor to face the evidence.

It’s time for negotiations

The prefect of  Gard has three months to call a new vote. On the Spiripontain political scene it is therefore time for negotiations to constitute a list or appoint a leader. For the PCF, the exercise involves geometry with several variables. On the arithmetic side, "we will probably end up with four or five lists" predicts Elian Cellier.

"No hands outstretched"

The Spiripontan communists accuse Claire Lapeyronie of having "ejected" from her majority indicates Elian Cellier. According to  always the secretary of the PCF section, this   episode "hasn'still not been digested". This is the case of Jean-Marie Daver. At 82 years old, this historic opponent who became vice-president  of the Municipal Social Action Center (CCAS). "No outstretched hands will be accepted", he warns. As a reminder, the former municipal councilor contributed with Roger Castillon to removing the former mayor of Pont-Saint-Esprit Gilbert Baumet. 

Uncertain ballot

Today the emblematic figure of the PCF Spiripontaine has, personally, almost turned the page. He nevertheless intends to participate in the debate within the cell. "The population of Pont-Saint-Esprit will manage without me", he says. This decision is obviously partly due to the age of the captain. The octogenarian says he is "very pessimistic" about the outcome of the vote and affirms that "the National Rally will take the town hall".  Jean-Marie Daver judges that "le Socialist Party is discredited"

"The person Roger Castillon promoted"

The mayor of Pont-Saint-Esprit should therefore not, as of today, hope for a patch-up with his former allies. Today when he talks about Claire Lapeyronie, the former communist elected official Jean-Marie Daver calls her "The person that Roger Castillon promoted". The latter was mayor from 2011 to 2018 before handing over to the current occupant of the mayor's seat. The city councilor de Pont-Saint-Esprit must also deal with his new political adversaries. These former elected officials who were his closest deputies  and who have now gone into opposition. This is the case of former elected official Vincent Rousselot.

"All hypotheses on the table"

For the PCF all options remain open, all hypotheses are on the table: constitution of a list, an alliance with others 39;others" or a non-participation by saying it's a partial without interest. The Nîmes authorities of the PCF nevertheless do not hide their concern considering   the fact that the National Rally is lying in ambush. He assures, despite his fears, that he will not give any instructions.

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