Pay less for your SNCF ticket: this tip can save you tens of euros on your train journeys

Pay less for your SNCF ticket: this tip can save you tens of euros on your train journeys

With this platform, travelers can now significantly reduce the price of their tickets. MAXPPP – Jean-Marc Lallemand

Reduce the price of your train ticket by taking charge of a parcel: this is what the company WePost offers, which gives SNCF customers the opportunity to transport entrusted goods by third parties for remuneration.

Recently, a startup has offered to reduce the price of its train tickets (up to 20 euros) by transporting parcels for an individual or a merchant. This unique service in France not only provides significant savings for passengers transporting these packages, but it also meets an ecological imperative by promoting rail transport, which is less polluting than trucks or freight boats.

During his last trip between Montpellier and Paris, François, a young student, saved around fifteen euros, or almost a third of the total cost, simply by carrying a sealed tote bag that was not included in the package. rsquo;he dropped off at a relay station near the station. Inside, various items intended for a merchant in the south of France. "Sometimes it happens that this fully reimburses my ticket", enthuses the 22-year-old student.

Zero carbon

"These are often identity documents, keys, small light things forgotten at home or in the hotel, which ;you have to send it quickly, says Sophie Brette, co-founder of WePost !. For the recipients of these packages, WePost "n&amp ;rsquo;is not cheaper but what pleases is the eco-responsibility, we are zero carbon", she explains. And for individuals who entrust their parcel, the interest lies above all in the speed of the service.

Today, the start-up founded in 2020 has 30,000 travelers registered on the platform and aims to have 200,000 packages delivered during the year 2024.

Parcels entrusted by individuals are packaged in a "transparent or open envelope" allowing you to see the content, details the platform. All packages are identified and tracked using a QR code. WePost nevertheless encourages travelers to "refuse until the last minute if’ there is the slightest doubt".

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