“Perhaps a turning point, but not a finality”: Hugo Munoz (ASB) confides before the clash against Nîmes

“Perhaps a turning point, but not a finality”: Hugo Munoz (ASB) confides before the clash against Nîmes

Un match très important attend Hugo Munoz et l’ASB. Midi Libre – GIACOMO ITALIANO

Two weeks after a disappointing performance and a defeat against ES Pays d’Uzès, the ASB coach is awaiting a reaction from his players, this Saturday (6 p.m.), against Nîmes Olympique.

Can we say about this clash against Nîmes Olympique that it will mark one of your last chances to stay in the title race ?

No, I do not think so. There will still be plenty of matches left until the end of the season. We have seen since the start of the championship that everyone can beat everyone. It’s not for nothing that the leader changes almost every week. It will perhaps be a turning point, but not yet a finality.

Most observers say that you are, with Nîmes Olympique, one of the best teams in the group in terms of play. What do you think ?

The first leg is surely the best we have had to play since the start of the season. It was the first time that I rediscovered the sensations of a National 3 match, whether in the intensity, the impact, the speed or even the decision-making. I remember that in the first leg, the two teams went blow for blow and I actually believe that they are surely the ones who play the best in our group, even if they are not the better placed in the ranking. I think it will be a very good football match, hopefully we come out on top.

What exactly are you going to ask your players ?

A real reaction to our last match. We can't decide the scenario of each match, there are plenty of factors that can influence an outcome. But I at least want my team to be there in spirit and attitudes, to attack and defend together. Beyond the result, it’s in the manner that I expect a lot from my players. Especially since we will once again have to deal with absences. It's all together that we'll go get something.

Objective: three points or nothing

They will simply show one of their last cards in the race for the title and to win the championship. the rise to National 3. Two weeks after a disappointing performance on the lawn of ES Pays d’Uzès (2-1), the ASB footballers will have to do everything they can to bounce back and take points this weekend. Now relegated to seventh position in Regional 1, at the bottom of the table. five points from the podium and seven from the leader, the Biterrois will be pitted against each other for the occasion. a Nîmes Olympique team firmly established in the Top 5 and considered this season as one of the best in the group in terms of play The first leg, at the beginning of November, ended in a decisive match. by a parity score (1-1). Kick-off for this second round this Saturday, March 16 (6 p.m.) & Sauclières.

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