Photovoltaics continue to shine with their popularity at the Nîmes Fair

Photovoltaics continue to shine with their popularity at the Nîmes Fair

Marc, directeur commercial d'EauAirSol et Sébastien, commercial, présentent sur la foire de Nîmes leurs produits photovoltaïques. Y. B.

At the Nîmes Fair, this Sunday and again this Monday, October 26 at the exhibition center, many exhibitors are offering the latest photovoltaic technologies.

With the surge in energy prices in recent years, households are looking for all the solutions to hunt for good deals and savings. Until Monday, February 26, individuals will be able to stock up on ideas at the Nîmes Fair thanks to the presence of numerous exhibitors offering photovoltaics.

On the side of the EauAirSol company from Calvisson, it is also a slightly inclined monocrystalline cell panel which is presented at the entrance to the stand within the main building of the exhibition center.

Annual consumption

Marc, sales director, and Sébastien, sales representative, recall that the market has exploded in recent years with technology that ensures up to 50% self-consumption: "When you go on vacation, your consumption drops with devices put on standby so you have a surplus." 

Before taking advantage of this installation, the technicians come to your home to see the feasibility, understand the environment, and the annual electricity consumption of the home to establish the power. "We are carrying out a study using software with geolocation, calculating the best orientation of photovoltaic panels. We are also studying profitability", indicates the sales director of EauAirSol created twelve years ago. The company operates throughout Gard, but also in Hérault, Bouches-du-Rhône and Vaucluse.

Tilt to respect

To produce electricity, the panels must be tilted by 15 to 30 degrees on the roof or on a ballast tank placed on the ground. Infrastructure imported from China, the number one in the sector, which is assembled in France or Germany.

For its part, Habitech, a company from Aigues-Mortes, also offers heat pumps, reversible air conditioning and photovoltaics which appeal to individuals"faced with the explosion in the cost of energy but also for the protection of the environment, for self-consumption of electricity"< /em>, confides sales representative Xavier. The latter targets companies which, in terms of energy savings, have, through opportunism, chased financial aid more than providing their technical added value.

Within the Nîmes Fair, all the exhibitors, like Habitech, display the seriousness of their offer: "For money&#39 ;photovoltaic installation, it takes between 8,000 and 20,000 € but the investment is amortized after 6 to 10 years and perhaps less if the cost of energy increases again", explains Xavier.

As for  IED Company based in Saint-Jean-de-Védas, we have been offering for 20 years"turnkey solutions for photovoltaics with storage battery. We work a lot with individuals and increasingly with professionals whose electricity bills have increased without a tariff shield. We have more and more requests", says the stand of the Hérault-based company managed by Daniel Lellouche.

IED Company indicates that it takes between two to three months to complete the installation of photovoltaic panels: " we can afford it because we have a substantial stock." Photovoltaics has a bright future ahead of it in Gard, the eighth department which has benefited the most from&# 39;hours of sunshine in France last year.

Nîmes Fair until Monday February 26 at the exhibition center 230, avenue du Languedoc; open this Monday from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Price: 3 €. Invitation to download for free on I subscribe to read more

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