Police Commissioner Eric Hermenier leaves Béziers

Police Commissioner Eric Hermenier leaves Béziers

Le commissaire Hermenier a pris ses fonctions à Béziers le 1er août 2021. J.-P A. – Midi Libre

Le commissaire Eric Hermenier quitte Béziers pour Montpellier où il prendra de nouvelles fonctions.

The central police commissioner of Béziers, Éric Hermenier, will leave his post in June to take up new duties in Montpellier. He arrived in Béziers on August 1, 2021. In Montpellier, he will then be the head of the economic and financial division at the departmental directorate of the judicial police and will also be responsible for the department for the fight against organized crime.
He will be replaced by Commissioner Renault Bellamy who worked with the judicial police in Paris and the night service in Versailles. Renault Bellamy was, for a time, seconded to Montpellier to security at Tam before returning to the police as a commissioner at Massy Palaiseau.

An assistant after a year of waiting

Replacing the assistant to the Béziers commissioner, to replace Sandrine Couzinet who left a year ago for a position in Toulouse, Hervé Bousquet will join the position of assistant at the Béziers police station in a few weeks. Hervé Bousquet was a peacekeeper. He took the officers' exam to climb the ranks of the national police internally and pass the commissioners' exam. He is currently stationed in Poitiers.

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