Pont-Saint-Esprit: first reactions and first analyzes of the three candidates

Pont-Saint-Esprit: first reactions and first analyzes of the three candidates

Gerome Bouvier, élu au premier tour. Emmanuel Le Pargneux, en deuxième position avec 34,55 % des suffrages exprimés. Claire Lapeyronie n’a recueilli que 14,84 % des voix. Photos Jean-Michel Mart – MIDI LIBRE

Le premier tour de l’élection municipale partielle s’est tenu ce dimanche 28 avril à Pont-Saint-Esprit.

Gérome Bouvier, Demain Pont-Saint-Esprit list: "The time for words is over, time for actions !"

Elected in the first round of the municipal partial election by collecting 50.32% of the votes, Gérome Bouvier welcomed the announcement of his victory without triumphalism. "In recent weeks, we have felt support from the Spiripontaines and Spiripontaines for our project. We felt through our meetings with people in the market that there was a need for change. Starting this Monday, I will get closer to the outgoing mayor and the services to prepare the next municipal council which should take place at the end of next week." The new mayor thus intends to get down to business today. Gérome Bouvier indicated that the time for the campaign was over. "A new page opens to us. We want, without any distinction, to bring together all of the Spiripontaines and Spiripontaines around a project that aims to be unifying. Each and every one of you will be able to find your place. I want to congratulate my team without whom nothing would have been possible […]. I call on the elected officials from all sides who demonstrated their love for our city during the campaign to work within the future municipal council and this, in a constructive spirit focused on the interest of those administered. The time for words is over, time for actions."

Emmanuel Le Pargneux, Spiripontain Renewal list: "I begin by saluting the victory of my opponent"

Rather fair play, the youngest of the three candidates, Emmanuel Le Pargneux, accepted his defeat and congratulated his opponents. "I begin by saluting the great victory of my opponent of the day Gérome Bouvier& ;quot;, he declared just after the results were announced. The two competitors also exchanged a few words in full view of the public. "I also salute Madame Lapeyronie who fought well. I am very satisfied with the result even if I was hoping for victory. My list, Spiripontain Renewal, is almost double the score of the National Rally list led in 2014 by Christiane Gondard. I thank all the voters who placed their trust in us. They will be proudly represented both on the municipal council or in the urban community of Rhone Gard. We will work in harmony and constructively. We will continue to make our voices heard. We salute the good spirit that reigned in this campaign. We will sit and work for Pont-Saint-Esprit." Emmanuel Le Pargneux, 24 years old, has emerged in the Spiripontain political landscape. Before becoming a candidate for the Spiripontain Renewal, he was parliamentary attaché to the deputy for the 4th constituency Pierre Meurin.

Claire Lapeyronie, Pont d’first  list: "Our project was not heard, I regret it"

Cold shower for the outgoing mayor who only received 14.84% of the votes. The numerous strong supporters who showed themselves to her throughout the campaign were not enough. In 2020, the one who had been Roger Castillon's deputy was elected with 53.30% of the votes, following a second round which pitted her against Catherine Chantry, whose daughter is now in the Bouvier team. This Sunday, just after announcing the results, Claire Lapeyronie highlighted the significant participation rate, and congratulated the winner, wishing him "a as much passion as she had& quot;. She declared: "The Spiripontans have chosen. We must respect this choice. We will meet again to analyze the results with my team. Our project, basically, was not heard, I regret that." One of his running mates analyzes: "I feel bad for our mayor. When we know everything she has accomplished. I think people are not aware enough of what happened internally. She did not want to denigrate anyone. She truly works for the general interest." Claire Lapeyronie will be "at work"  in her mayor's office this Monday morning, she remains the first city councilor until the next municipal council. She will sit in the future assembly, she confirmed, in the opposition.

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