Premiere for night-time jobs, “Murders” in Nîmes, the slaughterhouse on borrowed time… the essential news in the region

Premiere for night-time jobs, “Murders” in Nîmes, the slaughterhouse on borrowed time... the essential news in the region

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Night-time jobs in the salon

#NÎMES – All the night trades will be brought together for the first time at the Comédie, in Nîmes, Sunday March 24, during ;rsquo;an event which will be sponsored by the emblematic DJ Philippe Corti. On this occasion, nearly 300 professionals will come together for the first Nightleague. Around forty bars, more than 150 DJs, eleven clubs and service providers will present their activities which, beyond the glitter, generate jobs and income.

Today's figure: 700,000

#HERAULT –This is the number of inhabitants who are affected by the signing of the reciprocity contract between the Agglos of Montpellier, Agde-Pézenas and Sète. Until 2026, these three intermunicipalities have decided to join forces. Six axes have been defined: economic development and employment, mobility, land use planning, sport, ecological and energy transition and culture. For example, this will involve refining common tools for collective transport and carpooling. or share experiences and thoughts on town planning and housing.

Nîmes is the scene of “Murders” for France 3

#TELEVISION –The successful France 3 detective series Meurtres à… set up its cameras in Nîmes, until March 28. Between the Magne Tower, the Fontaine gardens and the arenas, a whole section of local heritage is shown through television fiction. As Roman Turlure, producer at Quad Drama Production and in charge of the project, explains: "With this new feature film, we are witnessing a sort of marriage between the show Roots and wings and the spirit of Agatha Christie." This detective series takes place each time in a different city or region and brings together nearly four million viewers on Saturday evening. The Nîmes survey will be broadcast at the beginning of 2025.

Premiere for night-time jobs, “Murders” in Nîmes, the slaughterhouse on borrowed time... the essential news in the region

Judicial recovery for the slaughterhouse

#ALES – The commercial court ruled this Wednesday March 20 in favor of a six-month legal recovery, potentially renewable twice, to allow the Alès slaughterhouse, which is in deficit, to regain financial balance."It could not be otherwise, given the financial situation which is not catastrophic", reacted on behalf of the City the first deputy, Christophe Rivenq. "It’it’is now when it all begins", continues the elected official, who recalls that only tonnage will allow the&rsquo ;slaughterhouse to regain balance: "We need 60 to 70 t per month more, that's nothing at all!& quot; During this recovery, the slaughterhouse will be under the supervision of a judicial administrator. Mandatory supervision which could, if the establishment remains in deficit, decide on liquidation. The slaughterhouse could also exploit its geographical position to relieve congestion in those of Tarascon and Pézenas, which are in saturation according to the first deputy: "They are because they are small slaughterhouses. We, being 150 km away, it’s manageable."

Minister Christophe Béchu visiting

#PYRENEES-ORIENTALES – Christophe Béchu, Minister of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion, is announced this Thursday March 21 in the Eastern Pyrenees. Visiting the Salon des Mayors in Perpignan, the minister is expected to take a firm stand on the issue of drought and the Villeneuve-de-la-Raho golf course. Opponents of its creation are hoping for a clear position from the government, while the Catalan Country ecology association is calling for the suspension of the prefectural decree which extended the declaration of public utility for five years and made it possible to start the construction site. After Perpignan, the minister should go to the mouth of the Agly, an area very impacted by drought.

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