Principal of a college threatened with a knife: profile of the teenager in police custody, how the events unfolded… what we know

Principal of a college threatened with a knife: profile of the teenager in police custody, how the events unfolded... what we know

The incident occurred at a college in Côte-d'Or. GOOGLE STREET VIEW CAPTURE

The custody of a 15-year-old student, arrested Friday afternoon after threatening the principal of a college in the suburbs of Dijon with a knife, without hurting her, was extended on Saturday afternoon, we learned from the Dijon public prosecutor's office.

"I inform you of the extension of the custody of the minor in the procedure in question", indicated in a press release the public prosecutor, Olivier Caracotch. The latter should continue until Sunday, according to the magistrate.

"Described as difficult", the teenager, "who has not provided any explanation on his motivations", is heard for the offenses of "death threats, violence with a weapon in a school establishment having resulted in incapacity of less than eight days, introduction of a weapon into a school establishment", according to the prosecution.

The terrorist qualification is not accepted at this stage, we added from the same source, specifying that the student has not presented until now ' ;quot;qu'a criminal record for acts of willful damage".

According to the rectorate, interviewed on Saturday by AFP, "eight college staff and eight students, direct witnesses", went on Saturday morning to the medical-psychological emergency unit (CUMP) installed at the Edouard Herriot college in Chenôve, where the events took place on Friday shortly after 3 p.m.

It will make way on Monday morning for a listening unit within this 330-place college in a sensitive area, where students will be received from 10 a.m. by their main teachers before classes resume At 11 o'clock. Two additional security personnel will be present, it was added.

The course of events

Friday afternoon, the young suspect showed up for a language course, "from which he had been excluded a few days earlier&quot ;, depending on the flooring.

Directed towards the principal of the college, he presented her "a letter mentioning a hostage-taking and reference to the attacks of November 2015" in the Paris region before "pointing a knife in her direction and verbally threatening her with death".

The manager then managed to escape by triggering the anti-intrusion alarm. The schoolboy had tried to join his class but it was confined, like the entire establishment.

The classroom door being closed, he threatened "with his weapon a maintenance agent who came to support&quot ; before "attempt(er) to lock herself with him in the office" from the main "from where the agent still managed to escape", according to the same source.

Staying in the corridor, the teenager was finally arrested by the police after half an hour. The Minister of Education Nicole Belloubet, among other political figures, "condemned with the greatest firmness" these threats, "saluting courage and cold blood" from the main one.

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