Prints by Michel Seuphor, new acquisitions from the PAB museum in Alès

Prints by Michel Seuphor, new acquisitions from the PAB museum in Alès

La conservatrice Carole Hyza et la présidente Danièle Méjean ont présenté les estampes aux Amis du musée PAB. Midi Libre – Th. M.

Six estampes de Michel Seuphor viennent d’être acquises par l’association des Amis du musée Pierre-André Benoit d’Alès.

It was in an intimate atmosphere that the Pierre-André Benoit museum welcomed, this Wednesday, May 29, in one of its exhibition rooms, the association of Friends of the museum following the the acquisition that she made, in an auction at the Hôtel Drouot in Paris, of a series of prints by the painter and critic of art Michel Seuphor (1901-1999). The museum curator, Carole Hyza, detailed, in the company of president Danièle Méjean, certain points of this heritage operation: "The six lithographs are all signed and numbered. Their cost amounted to just over 800 euros. and they complete those, resulting from the PAB donation, which the museum possessed." Recall that Michel Seuphor took refuge in 1942, in Anduze and it was there that the young Pierre-André Benoit went to join him to get to know him, and begin an artistic relationship that would last for many years after the end of the war.

This set of prints will thus become part of the collections of the Alesian institution which, over the years, is enriched with new pieces either acquired or donated by patrons. Needless to say, this purchase, carried out with great success, by the Friends of the Alésien Museum reinforces its role within the institution. This acquisition was also an opportunity for Carole Hyza to provide a legal overview of the various acquisition methods to increase museum heritage.

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