Private real estate sales, a new concept with exceptional offers arrives in Nîmes

Private real estate sales, a new concept with exceptional offers arrives in Nîmes

De nouveaux projets et produits à découvrir jeudi 7 mars. Midi Libre – MICHAEL ESDOURRUBAILH

Des biens exceptionnels à des tarifs très préférentiels seront proposés lors d'une soirée inédite le 7 mars prochain, au musée de la Romanité.

Parce que l'innovation est inhérente au secteur de l'immobilier, Midi librecreated the event by bringing the first private sales to Nîmes. Faced with the difficulties that the sector is currently experiencing, but with an ever-increasing, but increasingly demanding, demand from buyers, the real estate division of L'Agence Midi Libre has played the card of change.

Between very high-end and accessible goods 

Rather than a traditional show, four promoters have joined forces with this idea of ​​revealing exclusive offers, just for one evening. "We will offer properties in Nîmes, built by Nîmes people, explains Sandrine Cholley, head of the real estate division within the Agency. This is a new concept, which will allow individuals to access negotiated rates on primary residence properties, both very high-end or high-end , but also slightly more accessible products." 

Four essential actors

Free, by registration only, the evening "Real estate makes its private sales" will bring together at the Musée de la Romanité four key players in the market, Habitec, OB Développement, Bama and Gesimco promotion. But also advice stands with a notary from the Chambre des notaires du Gard and a representative from the Banque populaire du Sud. 

The opening of this private evening, at 6 p.m., will be hosted by the first deputy mayor Julien Plantier. Registrations via the website.

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