Pro D2: a wind of madness blew towards Béziers

Pro D2: a wind of madness blew towards Béziers

Face aux Biarrots, Samuel Marques a été un véritable maître à jouer. Midi Libre – Michael Esdourrubailh

A total of nine tries were registered in this part which smiled on the ASBH.

A wind of madness for a crazy match ultimately won by Béziers (35-31)! This Friday evening, near the Raoul-Barrière stadium, while a “marinas” to make a tramontane of the great days blush, on the meadow, we also went particularly wild. With an incredible start to the match. Just think, the trifle of four tries scored in the space of five minutes!
Not bad, considering these windy conditions leaving little room for big flights. A pleasure also for the public and enough to add a touch of suspense, each responding, in quick succession, to their counterpart (21-21 in the 26th).

In the end, however, it was Béziers who took control before the break, Marques and his teammates ensuring a sequence which could be shown as an example in rugby schools (28-21). In short, a big blow but not enough to deal the blow in this part which got off to a flying start.

Samuel Marques, like a devil out of his box

Moreover, from the restart, the guys from the BO, who this time played in the direction of the wind, appeared threatening. They refocused in front, just kicked and added a penalty. In addition, Béziers was not always sharp in touch and the debate was balanced. Until that devil Samuel Marques did it again with a penalty, played very quickly by hand. Unstoppable. In any case, it had the gift of setting things on fire, restarting the machine and starting to see things coming (35-24). Especially since Béziers was sharper in defense and pulled the rug out from under the feet of the Basques who didn't give up.

The last test for the BO

The Biterrois accelerated again and put pressure on the BO. Martin, the Basque center, received a yellow card and the ASBHn’had more than to control the end of the match. Why not, also, get another try, synonymous with an offensive bonus.
Well no ! This will remain a sweet dream. Because Biarritz hit the nail on the head and offered itself the defensive bonus (35-31). A trifle for Béziers who provided the essentials to remain in the leading duo.

the technical sheet of the match

Béziers 35
Biarritz 31

Raoul-Barrière Stadium.
Half time: 28-21.
Referee: Benjamin Beuriot.
Spectators: 8,894.

For Béziers: 4 penalty tries (13th), Lorre (18th), Marques (26th, 39th, 50th); 4 Mark transformations (18th, 26th, 39th, 50th).

For Biarritz: 4 tries from Pages (6th, 30th), Parscot (16th), O’Callaghan (78th); 1 penalty (49th), 4 conversions (6th, 16th, 30th, 78th) from Searle.

Yellow cards in Biarritz: Augry (15th), anti-play); Martin (75th, anti game).
Evolution of the score: 0-7, 7-7, 7-14, 14-14, 21-14, 21-21, 28-21 (mt), 28-24, 35-24, 35-31.< /p>

BÉZIERS: Lorre- Storti, Espeut (Recor 52nd), Tupuola, Plazy- (o) Malié (Dreuille 52nd)- (m) Marquès (cap. Trauth 78th)- Benoy (Madigan 54th), Pauta (Hoarau 49th), Van Bost- Madigan (Nkinsi 49th), Nkinsi- Zabala (Trauth 49th), Boulassel (Arnoldi 57th), Fernandes (Akhaladze 57th).

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