Pro D2: by losing in Vannes, Béziers lost its leading position

Pro D2: by losing in Vannes, Béziers lost its leading position

Les Biterrois (ici Nicolas Plazy) ont été pris dans la tenaille bretonne. Ce match a toutefois permis à certain de monter en puissance. MAXPPP – BRUNO PERREL

En perdant chez le troisième avec une équipe remaniée, l'ASBH a laissé son fauteuil de premier. Cet échec a toutefois permis à des jeunes de se jeter dans le grand bain de la Pro D2.

For Béziers, who was in Vannes this Thursday, the sweet dream of victory finally lasted around forty minutes. Dominating by three points, at the end of a well-run half (14-17), ASBH was then literally overwhelmed by the Vannes wave. After playing at scaring each other, the Bretons turned on the turbo. They stifled, little by little, a Béziers team which, in the end, lost significantly (45-17) and lost its leading position (45-17). Offering itself the offensive bonus, Vannes took back the lead in the Pro D2 championship operations.

A boon for young people from Béziers

For this duel, the staff had chosen to rotate their squad. It was, firstly, a matter of not taking the risk of seeing the list of its injured leaders grow, before receiving Brive, on February 29th. and go to Dax, March 8. Then, to give playing time to part of his young guard, seven players lined up on the match sheet coming from the training center. It was also an opportunity for some, like second row Clément Bitz, hooker Jose Luis Gonzalez or winger ;Nicolas Plazy, to refine their preparation following their return from injury.

So many elements that must be ready to step up to the plate in a group that will need all its strength to reach the final phase.

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