Pro D2: the “kid’s dream” of Charly Malié, the Béziers opener

Pro D2: the “kid’s dream” of Charly Malié, the Béziers opener

Charly Malié reconnaît avoir vécu un match exceptionnel. Midi Libre – SYLVIE CAMBON

Charly Malié, le demi d’ouverture de l’ASBH, dit avoir vécu un match exceptionnel en termes de rugby et d’émotions. Il est à l’initiative de l’action qui a permis à Hans Nkinsi de marquer l’essai qui a sauvé Béziers.

"What we are experiencing is exceptional. I really have the impression of living a childhood dream, I remember that as a child, I imagined myself playing this type of final phase match in front of a full stadium. ;quot; Charly Malié, the opening half of ASBH, therefore wrote, Friday evening, against Brive (33-31), the  #39;one of the most beautiful pages of his life as a rugby player.

All this, at the end of a meeting where it was thanks to one of his actions that Béziers was able to take control, Hans Nkinsi delivering the stadium: < em>"I found myself in a nine position and I saw that I was facing forwards, says Charly Malié. Space created itself…" This masterpiece of tactical inspiration, to be kept in the most precious records of rugby schools, thus brought Béziers to the semi-final.

Rough, harsh, intense

But it was rough, harsh, intense. The day after his team's victory over these monstrously powerful Brivistes (those who dealt with their winger Asaeli Tuivuaka will not deny it.) the flyhalf couldn't believe it still not: "It’It’was incredible all this effervescence that there was around this match, the messages that we had received all week, our arrival at the stadium, the guard of honor of the supporters… tells Charly Malié, stars in his eyes. As for the match, it was high level. It hit very hard… There was no need to walk away and we didn't break up. We stayed in touch."

"We stand together with the supporters"

The Biterrois admits to having trembled. That the start of the game, in particular, was difficult, the Limousins ​​having changed their defensive tactics. His team then had to adapt. She knew how to do it, constantly going back into battle, led by Raoul-Barrière's audience: "This team is surprising, assures Charly Malié. It has been built for three years. In doubt and defeat, we built character. We have the mindset of the little one who doesn’t give up. This group is loved and with the supporters we stand together."

In the scrum, Béziers was particularly heckled. However, nothing to worry the opener in view of the trip to Brittany. He assures that "the forwards will get back to work and that they will help us win in Vannes. We don't want it to stop there."

Enough to promise another great rugby moment.

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