Product recall: beware of this chicken contaminated with listeria sold everywhere in France

Product recall: beware of this chicken contaminated with listeria sold everywhere in France

Méfiance si vous prévoyiez une grillade avec du poulet pour ce week-end Ekaterina Novitskaya – UNSPLASH

Cinq lots de cuisses de poulet vendus dans toute la France font actuellement l’objet d’un rappel en raison d’une contamination à la listeria.

Be wary if you were planning a grill for this weekend. Five batches of chicken thighs sold throughout France in various supermarkets, large and medium-sized, have been recalled due to the detection of the listeria germ, indicates the government website Rappel conso.

Among the products affected by the recall, a one-kilo tray of yellow chicken legs sold by the L’étal du Volailler brand in Lidl stores. It was marketed between May 15 and 24, 2024 and bears the reference 4056489842101 and batch number 5044094273. Its expiration date is May 24.

Do not consume

Yellow chicken legs sold by 3kg trays in stores at La Ferme du Spahi, Leclerc and Super U from May 14 to 24, trays of 5 kg distributed in Franprix and Gers from May 14 to 25, thighs from the Le Chicken de chez nous brand sold by 2, by 4 and by 6 in Super U stores and, finally, trays of the Fine France brand sold in several stores Leclerc, Netto, Intermarché, Super U must also not be consumed and be reported to the point of sale.

Presence of listeria

All of these chicken thighs are recalled due to the proven presence of listeria, the agent responsible for listeriosis.

In the event of contamination, the initial symptoms are most often digestive disorders such as gastroenteritis, fever and body aches, underlines the website of the National Health Security Agency of the l&rsquo ;food, Anses. Complications (meningitis, bacteremia, etc.) in populations at risk can require hospitalization in 20 to 30% of cases, or even lead to death.


A refund procedure has been put in place. For thighs sold at Lidl, the end of the recall procedure is set for June 20, 2024 . For all others, the end of the recall is set for June 18, 2024.

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