Product recall: scoubidous sold in Action stores pose a toxic health risk

Product recall: scoubidous sold in Action stores pose a toxic health risk

Les tests effectués sur les brins de scoubidous ont révélé une concentration excessive de phtalate DEHP (photo d'illustration). Laurence Mouton – MAXPPP

A plasticizer, dangerous for human health, is present in too large quantities in scoubidous sold in Action stores. This toy should no longer be used and returned to the store.

Put away the scoubidous and bring them back to the store, Action in this case. The government alert site for dangerous products, Rappel Conso, announces the recall of scoubidous kits and accessories sold in Action stores throughout France.

Two batches are affected by this recall: 8715275821800 and 8715275821879.

"Excessive phthalate concentration"

"Tests performed on this item revealed an excessive concentration of DEHP phthalate, a plasticizer whose concentration level is regulated by law. This component could pose a health risk. As a result, the article does not comply with the safety requirements set by Avec BV. This is why it was decided to carry out a product recall", stipulates the safety warning published on Rappel Conso.

No longer use

It is specified that owners of this kit must no longer use it and return it to an Action store. "You will be fully refunded, even without proof of purchase. This item was available for sale between January and April 2024.


With BV and Action present their "most sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused". An email address and telephone number are available for customers: and +31 (0) 13 20 70  800.

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