Promocash Béziers, local commitment at the heart of the business strategy

Promocash Béziers, local commitment at the heart of the business strategy

Promocash Béziers, une équipe dédiée au développement du territoire. ML – ML

Jean-François Lebon, gérant de Promocash Béziers, franchise du groupe Carrefour, ouvre les portes de cette enseigne locale, engagée en faveur de l’économie du territoire.

Jean-François Lebon joins Promocash – the wholesale brand dedicated to professionals of the Carrefour group – in 1999, upon completion of his studies. After having cut his teeth in various stores across France, he chose to settle in Béziers in 2007 with his family. He took the reins of the Promocash Béziers store first as tenant manager, before becoming a franchisee, with his wife, in 2010.

A commitment to the local and the community

The hallmark of Promocash Béziers: local. "Since the start, we have encouraged collaborations as much as possible with producers in our region. To support the regional economy and also to meet the expectations of end consumers. Tourists who come on vacation here expect to discover our gastronomic heritage", explains Jean-François Lebon.

One example among others: the store's cellar highlights the eight local appellations and has around a hundred wine references "including zero foreign wine& ;quot;. An approach which also made the difference during the agricultural crisis at the start of the year. "Our store was one of the few not to be targeted by farmers because they know our commitments and the products we offer."

The proximity philosophy of Promocash Béziers is also available at the sporting and associative level. The store is notably a sponsor of the rugby school, the Marcel Cerdan boxing club, the handball club and soon the baseball club. "We share many common values ​​with sport, including team spirit, sharing, respect, honesty… Support local clubs and associations – for example by providing equipment – takes on its full meaning and also allows you to create a connection."

Innovation and adaptability

To meet the demands of its professional customers and save them time on a daily basis, Promocash Béziers is launching two new services in 2010: a drive-thru, adjacent to the store, as well as a delivery service. "We now have a fleet of five vehicles including two heavy goods vehicles to serve our hyperlocal customers: Béziers, Valras, Vendres, up to Portiragnes. This service today represents around twenty percent of our turnover."

A few years later, the store invested three hundred thousand euros in the renovation of its refrigeration installations and the integration of electronic marking to be at the forefront of technology and hygiene regulations. "This large investment took place just before the Covid period which was, as for many, a very delicate period."< /p>

To ensure the continuity of the company, Jean-François Lebon is betting on importing FFP2 masks from China, while France is in total shortage.< /p>

Bio express

2007: Jean-François Lebon takes over the Promocash Béziers store as tenant manager.

2010: He becomes a franchisee and creates delivery and drive services in parallel.

2020: Promocash Béziers is the first of the brand to install electric terminals in its parking lot.

Team: 26 year-round employees + 15 seasonal workers during the summer.

Sales area: 3,000 m² and 12,000 product references.

Change in turnover: +8% in 2023 compared to 2022; +25% compared to 2019 (reference year before the Covid period).

"Everyone thought it was crazy. But it worked, we distributed more than two million masks throughout France! This is what helped save the company alongside the work of the teams. And this has also allowed us to strengthen our reputation in terms of responsiveness and reliability", specifies the manager.

Promocash: 4 rue de l’Acropole, in Béziers – I subscribe to read more

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