PSG-Dortmund: Paris, a big setback against Dortmund and a pitiful elimination in the semi-final

PSG-Dortmund: Paris, a big setback against Dortmund and a pitiful elimination in the semi-final

Parisian goalkeeper Donnarumma hesitates to come out and lets Hummels score the winning goal for Dortmund. MAXPPP – Le Parisien/Arnaud Journois

Beaten by Dortmund (0-1), despite two posts and two crossbars, PSG exits through the back door of the European Cup. The frustration is immense for the Mbappé gang, disappointing Tuesday evening.

Paris Saint-Germain, too uninspired and imprecise, was beaten once again by Dortmund on Tuesday (1-0) and eliminated in the semi-final of the Champions League, on the verge of the final at Wembley. A new great regret in the European history of the capital club, which will not play a second final.

Paris, however, had the offensive weapons and the arguments necessary to take out the "BVB", a club well within its reach. "We are the army of PSG and nothing can stop us", a banner from the Parc des princes des grands soirs even predicted. But as in the first leg (1-0), they showed neither enough intensity nor enough desire – especially in the first period – to repeat the # 39;Barcelona’s feat and turn the situation around.

PSG too confident, Dortmund well organized

Ironically, PSG opened its European campaign in September by beating 2-0 at the Parc the "BVB". This time Dortmund was too well organized and sufficiently positioned to be surprised by the Parisian attackers.

And when the Germans were, they were once again saved by their posts. Four times. After the double post of Mbappé and Marquinhos in the Ruhr, it was Warren Zaire-Emery (47th) and Nuno Mendes (61st) who hit the posts on Tuesday evening.

A bitter record

Then at the end of the match, it was Kylian Mbappé who hit the crossbar (86th), while Paris pushed without managing to break through the yellow wall. Before Vitinha found it again (88th). Paris has hit the opposition's goalposts 14 times this season in the Champions League – half of which came against Dortmund – a record.

After a first period where they had possession of the ball without doing much, they returned from the locker room with better intentions. But we had to start the match differently to hope for something for Paris, which fielded the youngest team in the semi-final since 2009 according to statistician Opta.

The technical sheet

Champions League – Semi-final
In Paris (Parc des Princes)
Dortmund beats Paris SG 1 to 0 (0-0)
Spectators: 46.435
Referee: D. Orsato (ITA)
Ball possession: Paris SG: 69% Dortmund: 31%

Goal for Dortmund: Hummels (50)

Warnings in Paris SG: O. Dembélé (75), Hakimi (84)
Warnings in Dortmund: Sabitzer (64), Hummels (65).

Paris SG: Donnarumma – Hakimi, Marquinhos (cap), Beraldo, Mendes – Vitinha, Zaire Emery (Lee 76), Ruiz (Marco Asensio 63) – O. Dembélé, Mbappé, Ramos (Barcola 63).

Dortmund: Kobel – Ryerson, Hummels, Schlotterbeck, Maatsen – Adeyemi (Reus 56), Sabitzer, Brandt (Nmecha 85), Can ( cap), Sancho (Suele 67) – Fullkrug Coach: Edin Terzic

Four amounts

On their weak point, set pieces, they were punished by the "BVB" and Mats Hummels who got the better of Lucas Beraldo and deceived Donnarumma, who did not come out, with a header (1-0, 50th). Not inspired enough, not very dangerous, they once again did not use enough depth, which was nevertheless possible with the speed of Dembélé and Mbappé.

Faced with the boring game proposed by the Parisians, one could wonder if they had realized that they were playing for a place in the final. The only time Luis Enrique's men were dangerous was with a powerful strike from Fabian Ruiz deflected by Schlotterbeck (45th).

Even if they were more dangerous in the second half, they were still too imprecise like the shot from Gonçalo Ramos – preferred to Barcola – well above (60th) or the head of Marquinhos (83rd). This season, PSG had never had two bad matches in the knockout phase and seemed better with their backs against the wall.

Mbappé, a blood sausage ending

Better still, Paris had never lost against Dortmund at home. It was the worst night on Tuesday to contradict these statistics, as the final seemed achievable. The French star, Kylian Mbappé, who had his last C1 match at the Parc des Princes with Paris, has still not shown his best face.

Since the announcement to his management of his departure, the No.7 has been far from his best level in the Champions League, and will therefore not finish in style with Paris.< /p>

Failing against Dortmund, when everything seemed to be smiling for the Parisians this season – until the draw for the final phase – is undoubtedly a big disappointment for the club. "We will congratulate the opponent, the next day we will be absolutely disgusted and we will get up with the objective of going to the final next season", Luis Enrique said on Monday, to play down the drama. It will obviously take time to digest these two consecutive defeats.

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