Raffle, quiz, food truck and rugby match on the program for endometriosis awareness day at the stadium this Sunday

Raffle, quiz, food truck and rugby match on the program for endometriosis awareness day at the stadium this Sunday

Safi N’Diaye comme marraine de l’événement. Archive Midi Libre – SYLVIE CAMBON

Un peu avant la journée mondiale de l’endométriose, des étudiants lancent une opération de sensibilisation ce dimanche 24 mars à l’occasion de la rencontre MHR – Lons section paloise.

During the match which will pit the MHR women against the Lons team, this Sunday, March 24 at the Sabathé stadium in Montpellier, students from the Oxytalis business school are launching an operation & nbsp;on endometriosis in partnership with EndoFrance and the MHR feminine to raise awareness among the general public about this little-known disease which affects 1 in 10 women. An occasion which echoes World Endometriosis Day which will take place this Thursday, March 28.

A fundraiser in a festive atmosphere

And for this event organized before the match kicks off, numerous activities will be available to raise funds for the benefit of EndoFrance. From 12:30 p.m. and until 3 p.m., the festivities program will be busy with an awareness quiz, a Tahitian dance demonstration, a food truck and a raffle with many prizes to be won.

But also more serious meetings with Doctor Olivier Serres Cousiné and the EndoFrance and Endozen associations.

Safi N’Diaye, godmother of the event

The godmother of this operation is Safi N’Diaye, the former captain of the MHR women's team, 6 times French champion and 3 times winner of the Six Nations tournament , by achieving two Grand Slams confides: "It’is a cause that is close to my heart and which affects women. We need to talk about it and raise awareness about this disease. Rugby is a sport of sharing and exchange and joining forces with this project was obvious.

The EndoFrance association

The EndoFrance association supports and informs people with endometriosis and those around them. It carries out awareness-raising actions to improve the care pathway and reduce the diagnostic time.

Especially since it takes an average of seven years to diagnose this disease for which there is currently no cure.< /p>

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