Rare (and very expensive) truffles, a sailboat for Ukraine, farmers still angry: the main news in the region

Rare (and very expensive) truffles, a sailboat for Ukraine, farmers still angry: the main news in the region

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Angry taxis: a black Monday is coming

#MONTPELLIER/NARBONNE/PERPIGNAN. This Monday, January 29, still promises to be difficult on the roads. The taxi federations of Hérault and Gard will carry out a snail operation in Montpellier. Departure is scheduled from Zénith at 7 a.m. and arrival in front of the CPAM. In Aude, a convoy will leave from Carcassonne to join their colleagues in Narbonne. A rally is also planned in the city center of Perpignan. The national taxi federation engages in a double standoff. First with the CPAM which asks them to sign an agreement on February 1 for medical transport. Taxi drivers are also demanding accountability from the State. The new national tariff decree, which usually appears in December, has still not been released. Other, older demands are being put back on the table, such as the reform of the examination for access to the profession.

In Nîmes, farmers still mobilized on the A9 dam

#GARD. As they begin a fourth day of blockade, the mobilization of Gard farmers does not weaken . This Sunday, January 28, there are still many of them blocking the A9 motorway at the Nîmes west interchange, serene. For the moment, they do not have the expected answers and intend to continue their movement. Despite the work that awaits them on their farms, they intend to stay"until Tuesday at least", according to David Sève, president of the FDSEA du Gard.

Among the farmers present this Sunday morning, there will be a few who will participate in the trip to the capital planned for this Monday. "We are going to take with us the tarpaulin where it says France, do you still want your peasants ? and we are going to deploy it at the bottom of the Arc de Triomphe and of the Eiffel Tower ", explains the trade unionist, his face marked by the mobilization but serene about its imminent outcome.

Today’s figure: 1,200

#BEZIERS.1,200€ per kg, such was the price of the black diamond yesterday during the eighth edition of the truffle festival. A meeting which highlighted the difficulties of the sector during this period of drought which led to the disappearance of wild truffles. Producers from Aveyron, Tarn and Manosque did not fail to praise its merits to customers who did not rush for the specimens. At noon, the choice was still wide.

These towns and villages where life is good

#OCCITANIE. The JDD published yesterday the ranking of towns and villages where life is good. Hérault is very widely represented. Montpellier (28th), Castelnau-le-Lez and Sète (104 and 105th). Béziers is in 196th place, Lattes in 332nd, and Mauguio climbs 83 places to find himself 356th.

Agde, Saint-Jean-de-Védas and Palavas-les-Flots are in this top 500. Lozère and the P.-O. have one city each in this ranking: Mende (192nd) and Perpignan (186th). Gard sees two of its cities in the top 500: Nîmes in 39th place and Villeneuve-lès-Avignon in 477th place. For Aude, Carcassonne and Narbonne are only separated by one place (117th and 119th).

A sailboat for Ukraine

#SETE. The SEA Medics, a racing sailboat, left the quay of Algiers this Sunday, January 28. On board, 10 m3 of children's toys, foodstuffs and medical equipment. In around ten days, the ship should have reached the port of Constanta, in Romania. The precious cargo will then travel by road to reach southern Ukraine and the city of Izmail. And the adventure will also be human. Because the crew was formed for the occasion, and the volunteers who make it up are not all experienced sailors.


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