“Ready to take over the farm”: the young Lozère farmers of tomorrow are in competition at the Salon in Paris

“Ready to take over the farm”: the young Lozère farmers of tomorrow are in competition at the Salon in Paris

Des lycéens de Saint-Chély-d'Apcher autour de Panama une simmental française et du professeur Laurent Vigier. MIDI LIBRE – Y. PO.

Lola, Méline, Jérémy, Samuel, Camille, Marion and Kyllian, come from the agricultural high school of Saint-Chély-d'Apcher to present their activities. And they have faith in the future… 

They are polite, attentive, outgoing, ready to discuss their studies, their country, breeding, agriculture and especially the future: "We come to the Agricultural Show to present our sector, our activities on the theme: "Being cattle breeders tomorrow". Lola and Méline are in their 1st year in STAV techno baccalaureate for agronomic and living sciences and technologies. They are at the Saint-Chély-d'Apcher high school. 

They are 16 and 17 years old. Lola would like to take over the family farm located in Fenestres. A breeding of 100 Aubrac mothers. And she already has plenty of ideas for improving everyday life: "I'd like to set up a guest room project and above all to make of the direct sale of meat"

"We're super motivated"

Méline is a little more hesitant about the future: "I love driving tractors, I think I'm going to head instead towards agricultural machinery"

Passers-by file into Hall 1, the pavilion where the animals are concentrated, the visitors' favorite pavilion. This is where they take care of Panama, a French simmental, straight from Lozère. She is pampered by the Lozerian high school students: "We are hypermotivated, super happy to be at the Salon", confide Camille and Marion, accompanied by Kyllian, further back. 

For all these young people aged 16 to 18, breeding is part of their lives: "We were born into it. Breeder, this is the job we want to do". But maybe not like their parents. They want to add agritourism, agro-food, short circuits… Samuel, 16 years old, would like to expand the family farm already made up of 160 mothers.

"Give a better image"

The same for Jérémy and his 80 mothers in Saint-Sauveur-de-Ginestoux. They are also in professional baccalaureate in Saint-Chély-d'Apcher but in CGEA in conduct and management of the agricultural business. Seven high school students from the Rabelais high school who also want to give a better image of cattle breeding. We talk about animal welfare and good solutions to be a good cattle breeder tomorrow".

And then there is also a competition in which they participate like around forty establishments from all over the country: the international agricultural education trophy which began on Wednesday and took place ;#39;will end on Sunday at the close of the Show. "A good stimulation, we are happy to participate, we will give the best", assure, always with as much confidence, Lola and Méline. All under the caring gaze of their teacher who accompanies them, guides them and advises them: Laurent Vigier. 

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