Regional 1: Pool B as exciting as ever with three leaders and Clermontaise in the hunt

Regional 1: Pool B as exciting as ever with three leaders and Clermontaise in the hunt

Benezech et les Clermontais n’ont pas réussi à trouver l’ouverture face à Luzenac. Midi Libre – ALAIN MENDEZ

The evening of Hérault clubs, Saturday March 23 in Regional 1. Summary and technical sheets. To be continued this Sunday, March 24, in Pool A, the duel for first place between Aigues-Mortes and Lunel. In National 3, ESC Montferrier passed through all the states in Rousset.

Saturday evening, during the 16th day of Regional 1, pool B, La Clermontaise held leader Luzenac in check. A week after their draw against Revel (2-2), the Clermontais continued another big meeting with the reception of the leader Luzenac against whom they, once again, conceded the sharing of points in a complex of the wind-swept Estagnol.

Frontignan could have hoped for better

At the same time, Frontignan resisted Rodeo (2-2), co-leader undefeated since mid-November. With by far the best defense and the second attack, Toulouse n’ were able to do better than take a point. Everything came down to the first half. On their first foray into the opposing area, the Muscatiers obtained a logical penalty for a foul on Ait Barazouk, transformed by Moureaux, and, more enterprising, doubled the lead, again by Moureaux on a quick counter (32nd ). Two minutes later, on a defensive approximation, Danuc deceived Dalouze and gave hope to his team, who, on a hesitation between goalkeeper and defender, equalized through Edderaoui (2-2).

Revel is the only leading team to have won on Saturday evening, 1-0 at Baziège. This gives a ranking that is still tight with Rodeo, Revel, Luzenac, leaders with 33 points and Clermontaise 4th, 30 pts. Frontignan is 10th, 17 pts, just two lengths behind 6th, Canet-Roussillon.

Pool A, Béziers marks time

In Pool A, AS Béziers returned empty-handed from its trip to Bagnols (3-1) and is marking time, with two losses and two draws in its last four matches, trailing behind with 23 points, five points behind Atlas and Grau du Roi (28 pts) and leader Narbonne (30 pts) which hosts Fabrègues this Sunday afternoon. In ambush with 29 and 28 points, Aigues-Mortes and Lunel also face each other this March 24 at 3 p.m. in the hope of taking control.

National 3: still cruel for Montferrier

In this important meeting in the race to maintain the two teams, Jean-Michel Guzman's men went through all possible emotions.
In the imperative quest for points in order to stay alive in National 3, the Héraultais thought they would leave with the point of the draw after having succeeded in ; go up two goals (2-0, 27th). Back from the locker room. Vanda Nona adjusted Saintot with a cross shot (2-1, 49th). Better still when the Héraultais managed to win; equalize thanks to Delval, taking a cross at the second post from Lelievre (2-2, 77th). But in the final minutes, on a poorly adjusted back pass, the new entrant Gaëtan Thér&eac;au released a powerful missile into the top corner right (3-2, 85th). Sealing the last hopes of ESC Montferrier.

Rousset – ESC Montferrier, 3-2
Plaine Sports Stadium.
Half time: 2-0.
Referee: M. Bonnot.
Goals for Rousset: Zemoura (20th), Moury (27th), Thereau (85th).
Goals for Montferrier: Vanda Nona (49), Delval (77).
Warning à Rousset: Soudi (81st).
Warnings à Montferrier: Bah (37th), Lelievre (81st), Hacquel (88th).
ESC MONTFERRIER: Rodrigues Velozo, Hacquel (cap), Sanchez, Araujo Pinto, Abudo, Pikulas Mohamedi (Lelievre, 46), Ghouamla (Delval, 69), Bah (Camara, 77), Guilhen (Vanda Nona, 46) , Zogbo (Bouida, 46), Addidi. Director: Jean-Michel Guzman.

Technical sheets


Frontignan – Rodéo, 2-2
Lucien Jean Stadium.
Half time: 2-2.
Referee: M. Fourage.
Goals for Frontignan: Moureaux (13th sp, 32nd).
Goals for Toulouse Rodéo : Danuc (34th), Edderaoui (45th).
FRONTIGNAN: Dalouze, Pellegrin, Alderigi, Yajou, Sablayrolles, Delport, Dominguez, Moussi, Bouzou, Ait Barazouk, Moureaux, Kharrazi, Bessis, Bensa&iuml ;di.
RODéO : Styczek, Flitti Lamliki, Boulanouar, Viltard, Tongo, Tebabes, Bouklouche, Edderaoui, Chenine, Danuc, M’Tair , Hamidi, Ayivi.

Clermontaise – Luzenac, 0-0
Stade de l’Estagnol.
Referee: Romain Canal.
Spectators: approximately 150.
Warning à Clermont: Villa (60th).
Warning à Luzenac: Dupont (54th).
CLERMONTAISE: Y.Bernal, Bektas, Sarrouy, B. Bernal, Villa (cap.), Drama, Benezech, El Hamzaoui, Marti , Brunet, Redoules (Sanchez, Ed Dahabi, Moustoifa).
LUZENAC: Galisson, Dupont, Lopez (cap.), Berete, Salmi, Joucla, Lourenco, Dinquer, Cestari, Salvy, Pinelli (Arjona, Leclerc, Olawaiye).


Bagnols Pont – Béziers, 3-1
Stade Louis-Pautex.
Half time: 2-0.
Referee: Stéphane Lacombe
Goals for Bagnols: Abarkan (4th), Chamakh (14th, 62nd).
Goal for Béziers: Sbia (50th).
Warnings à Bagnols: El kati (48th), Chamakh (55th), Abarkan (70th), S. Kayi (80th).
Warnings à Béziers: De Souza (48th), Kisolokele (53rd) and Sbia (57th).
AS BÉZIERS : Vincent, Tabet, Lancelin, Lorente, Gau (cap), Ferreiro, Belakehal, De Souza, Doumbia, Kaous, Kisolokelen , Sbia, Theil and Chevaillier.
Director: Hugo Munoz.

Grau du Roi – Atlas Paillade, 1-3
Stade Michel Mézy.
Half time: 1-3.
Referee: M. Quiles.
Goals for Atlas Paillade: Yagousseti Essomba (30th, 40th), Bakhti (32nd).
Warnings à l’Atlas Paillade : Machhouri (24th), Bouhmala (51st, 90+9th), Akkaoui (73rd), Lamrani (90+4th, 90+17th).
Expulsion to Grau: Bonalair (90+9th).
Evictions à l’Atlas Paillade : Sofian Bouhmala (90+9th), Mohamed Bouhmala (90+11th).

Nîmes – Vendargues, 2 5
At La Bastide.
Half time: 2-0.
Referee: M. Boutaleb.
Goals for Nîmes : Khalid (31st), El Hamri (43rd, 58th, 60th), De Oliveira (73rd).
Warnings à Vendargues: Bennadri (29th), Bessa (38th).

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