Reims – MHSC: Benjamin Stambouli, the aborted return…

Reims - MHSC: Benjamin Stambouli, the aborted return...

Benjamin Stambouli during his last season at MHSC in 2014, will he one day return to the club ? Free Midi – RICHARD DE HULLESSEN

The former MHSC midfielder has only appeared four times since his arrival in Reims in the winter transfer window. He is uncertain for the reception of his training club, Sunday at 3 p.m.

Another former Pailladin who almost made his return to Grammont… We know the importance and confidence that Montpellier Hérault places in players who have played orange and blue. They also make up a large part of the club's organizational chart, whether on the training grounds or in the offices.

We are so well under the control of Laurent Nicollin that there is now no longer a transfer window without a rumor of the return of a former MHSC player is emerging. Sometimes, rumors come to fruition, as evidenced by the arrivals of Téji Savanier, Rémy Cabella or recently Benjamin Lecomte. We also talked about Ruben Aguilar and the Andy Delort soap opera reappears every transfer window.

Reims - MHSC: Benjamin Stambouli, the aborted return...

This was also the case during the winter transfer window with Benjamin Stambouli, who had already almost returned in the summer of 2021 just like his friend Younès Belhanda with whom he played at Adana Demirspor in Turkey. If their ratings are so high among Montpellier supporters, it is because they came out of the Grammont nursery, won the Gambardella in 2009 then the title of champion of France in 2012.

Especially since the two have never hidden their desire to end their careers at Mosson and when the name of the 33-year-old midfielder or defender came back on the shelves last January, we thought it was the right one.

"Not a good time"

"I'm still in touch with alumni there who are friends employed at the club. We talked a little but it wasn't the time for them, they have an organization, a budget, a squad, young people to play and a general balance to keep", Benjamin Stambouli declared to local media, a few days after his arrival in Reims. His profile also did not correspond to the expectations of the MHSC which already has many players in the midfield.

It is therefore on the side of Champagne that the Marseillais by birth returned to Ligue 1. "I arrived at the end of the cycle in my club and they wanted to start again on something new. Personally, I was open to any return to France for many reasons,” also declared the man who has played for Tottenham, Paris and Schalke since leaving La Paillade.

"We were put in contact late, in a hurry. But it was a human fit with Mathieu Lacour (general manager of Reims) and they needed someone in that position." The Rémois were looking for a replacing Azor Matusiwa who left for Rennes for 15.5 million euros. "In the same position, they have a lot of young people and needed someone with experience", assures an observer from the Haut-Marne club.

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So much so that coach Will Still started him a few days later where he played 70 minutes as a sentry and even delivered an assist.  Unfortunately, this ended in a defeat against Toulouse (2-3) like his second match in Lorient (2-0). Since then, Henry Stambouli's son has been content with twelve minutes of play, especially since he then injured his hamstrings."He agreed to be on the bench without making a fuss. He has a great state of mind, we are told from Reims where his maturity, his healthy lifestyle and his experience are appreciated.

Free in June 2024

An example of professionalism that Benjamin Stambouli has displayed throughout his career, earning him the opportunity to be vice-captain at Montpellier but also captain at Schalke. A playing and locker room leader who will reach the end of his contract in June with Stade de Reims. "We reached an understanding with the management until the end of the season. We will take stock at that time, I am not excluding anything", assured Benjamin Stambouli upon signing.

There is no doubt that if he finds himself free, his name will again be mentioned among the probable recruits of the MHSC. That he will find himself on Sunday one thing is certain, but perhaps not on the field since it is uncertain.

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