Relive the finals of the Hérault Football Cup with photos and reactions from the winners

Relive the finals of the Hérault Football Cup with photos and reactions from the winners

Deux jours de matches, de finales, à Clermont-l'Hérault.

The Hérault football district led the finals of the departmental cup for two days, on May 8 and 9, with the support of the Hérault football club. The Clermontaise. Eight matches took place on the Estagnol complex, to be relived in words and images. 

The first day was dedicated to the women's and seniors finals, between the two Regional 1 teams, Frontignan and Fabrègues who will have to defend their retention in the championship this weekend. ;

Relive the finals of the Hérault Football Cup with photos and reactions from the winners

Victory for Fabrègues in senior who succeeds his opponent of the day, Frontignan.

Senior, Frontignan – Fabrègues, 0-0 (0-3 on the tab)
Referee: Amar Brahimi.
Warnings in Frontignan: Yajou (14th).
Warnings in Fabrègues: Lemaire (16th), Ouabi (44th), Vernhet (74th)
FRONTIGNAN : Dalouze – Alderigi, Kharrazi, Pellegrin, Sablayrolles – Delport, Moussi, Ait Barazouk – Yajou, Moureaux (cap.), Bouzou. Then Marguet, Matarin, Bensaidi.
Coach: Grégory Tanagro.
FABRÈGUES :Moles – Lemaire, Boumali, Zaghar, Besse (cap.) – Meschel, Rico, Wagner – Torregrossa, Leroux, Ouabi. Then Caumet, Naili, Vernhet.
Coach: Laurent Scala.

"Since I was little, I have loved penalties. In my cages, I don't worry. All goalkeepers have their own technique to know which way the opponent is going to shoot, I have one but I keep it for myself. The Fabréguois goalkeeper Corentin Moles has surely right not to reveal everything at once. With calmness, the usual goalkeeper of the reserve explains in the heat of the penalty shootout that he has just experienced in the final of the Coupe de l’Hérault.
Wednesday evening, Moles repelled two of the Frontignanais' three attempts, five months after being heroic against Cannes (N2, 2-2, 5-4 tab) during the 8th round of the Coupe de France with two saves as well.< /p>

Relive the finals of the Hérault Football Cup with photos and reactions from the winners

Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone, the beautiful showcase for women. N.H.

Senior women, Maurice Balsan challenge, Sussargues – Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone, 1-2
Referees: MM. Angenot, Monier, Onay.
Half time: 0-0
Goal for Sussargues: Baptiste (75th)
Goals for Villeneuve-lès-M. : Manchon (63rd), Fall (66th)
SUSSARGUES :Bernassau – Guillame, Cobos, Souchon, Detrez, Masclaux, Chabanis, Baptiste. Then Philippe, Ghouas, Mangin, Mazeille. Ent. : Derek Vrzal.
VILLENEUVE-LèS-M. : Pheasant – Moire, Podence, Demar, Fall, Barathon (cape), Jusnel, Manchon. Then Neto, Valat, Nadal Kessas. Ent. : Audrey Villaret.

As in the good old days, Emmanuelle Podence and Virginie Faisandier fell into the arms of each other and of the entire Villeneuve-lès-team Maguelone. These two spent the first years of the women's section of the MHSC, the time to win two Coupes de France, in 2006 and 2007, against Lyon, later victorious in the Coupe de la Ligue. "The Coupe de l’Hérault was missing from our list, it’is complete" launch Manu Podence with a broad smile.
On Wednesday, they challenged Sussargues for a victory, 2-1. "It's great fun, we wanted to do it. It’s a family, players who have known each other for a long time. It was fun at the beginning and then, we are caught up by the competition and in the end, we can't not play it to the fullest. We were eliminated last year in the quarterfinals, last year, prematurely, and there, we had a good run. We knew it was 50/50. on the final. We had an average first half, not easy with the wind and in the second half, we said to ourselves that we had to go!" In three minutes, Villeneuve  thus made his opponent bend with a judicious lobe from Manchon then with a breakthrough on the left and a shot flush with the post from Fall. Unstoppable despite the reduction in Baptiste's score on a back cross (75th). Not enough to overcome the determination of the Villeneuvoises.

Relive the finals of the Hérault Football Cup with photos and reactions from the winners

The Juvignac team, victorious in U18.

Women's U18 final, Juvignac – Lavérune: 2-2 (3-2 tab)
Half time: 0-1.
Referee: Julie Gauchet.
Goals for Juvignac: Azouz (70th, 80th +3).
Goals for Lavérune: Batache (39th, 57th).
Warning to Lavérune: Ducrotois (52nd)
JUVIGNAC : El Hajaoui, Grannavel, Medaouar, Rasem, Rahou, El Faihaki, Vuchich, Azouz (cape). Then Ben Khaleq. Ent. : Abdelsalem Ouaoui.
LAVERUNE : Maniscalco (cap.), Hermitte, Carbonnet, Ducrotois, Drap, Storai, Apollis, Batache. Then Bigot Devesa, Boulot Gatuingt, Brunel, Torres.Ent. : Karim Amrane.

Manhandled at the start of the match, but solid in defense and on his goal line with the saves of his goalkeeper, Maniscalpo, Lavérune forced his destiny with a double from Batache (39th, 57th). Juvignac did not give up and Azouz gave his team hope ten minutes from the end (70th) before also doubling the lead in stoppage time and on penalties. aim. A success but no trophy due to a reservation submitted before the match which will therefore have to be studied in committee.

Relive the finals of the Hérault Football Cup with photos and reactions from the winners

Sussargues had mobilized its supporters to bring the U15s to success. N.H.

Women's U15 final, Sussargues – Jacou-Clapiers, 1-0
Referee: Mlles Alary, Lonjon, Dubroca. Half time: 1-0
Goal: Ziane (13th)
SUSSARGUES :Marquet – Guizard, Gehin, Barriol, Girard, Lardet, Baille (cap.) Kramkimel, Ziane. Then Gathoye, Agosta, Lagarrigue, Saletes.
Ent. : Chloé Gaxotte.
JACOU-CLAPIERS : Tihange – Alline, Levy, Halley, Najad, Devaux, Linard (cap.), Fore. Then Omhamed, Cosson.
Ent. : Antoine Potdevin.
Sussargues had done things in a big way to support its two teams competing in the Hérault Cup. Ultra-motivated supporters, the mobile sound system and smoke bombs in the club colors, who flew above the U15s, victorious over Jacou-Clapiers, 1-0. A goal scored in the first quarter of an hour by Ziane launched from deep (13th). Jacou was more enterprising with Salma Najad without finding the fault (26th, 32nd) in a well-established Sussargues defense. "The girls lacked success but I am proud of their progress. We learn. Standing up to the leaders in D1 when we are at the bottom of the table in D2 is beautiful"  underlined the coach, Antoine Potdevin. The opposing staff, led by Chloé Gaxotte, could exult in him. "It’s a great outcome. We started with quite a few beginners, the initial objective was to make them progress, and once we started to win, we said to ourselves that maybe we could be aiming for something! I am very proud of them.

The show of the second day

Relive the finals of the Hérault Football Cup with photos and reactions from the winners

Villeneuve took his revenge on the championship by beating Gignac on penalties. Free Midi – ALAIN MENDEZ

U19, Gignac – Villeneuve-Maguelone, 1-1 (0-2 tab)
Referees: Francis Becamel assisted by Clément Léger and Zakaria Kassimi.
Goal for Gignac: Maffre (13th)
Goal For Villeneuve: Ramdani (65th).
Warnings in Gignac: Benaomar (26th), Castets (62nd), Zegoua (70th).
Warnings to Villeneuve: Ouni Nogaret (10th), Perez (40th, 44th), Pereira (70th), Spanneut (90th).
Expulsion: Perez (44th).
AS GIGNAC: D’Onorico, Zegoua, Leites, Castets, Maffre, Tayachi, Benaomar, Amrani, Hsaini, J. Adli, Drihmou (O. Adli, Didelot, Souques).
VILLENEUVE-MAGUELONE : Mazet, Kominina, Ouni Nogaret, Vallier, Laborie, Giacometti, Spanneut, Ramdani, Perez, Pereira, Da Silva (Le Bourhis, Slini, Bosso- Livolsi).
A week after facing each other for the title of D1 champion, Gignac dreamed of a double, Villeneuve of revenge in the final of the Hérault cup. AS Gignac got into the game better and Benaomar alone at 6m saw his ball crash onto the crossbar, then Maffre with a free kick opened the scoring (1-0, 13th). Benaomar then presented himself against Mazet but lost his duel. And the opportunity to make the break against an opponent reduced to 10 before the break with the two yellows in quick succession from Perez, for two strong tackles.
At the restart, the timid Gignacois were unable to get into rhythm to overwhelm an opponent reduced to 10, who even managed to equalize on an escape from Ramdani (1-1, 65th). At the end of the match, Mazet saved his team against Didelot before being decisive in the penalty shootout.
The goalkeeper stopped the 4 shots from Amrani, Benaomar, Leites and Drihmou while Kominina and Spanneut managed to deceive D’Onorico to offer the cup to Villeneuve.

Reactions: Bruno Livolsi (coach Villeneuve) : "It’s fabulous! At halftime, we asked the players to let go and play. At 1O, they were united to seek the equalizer and this cup which rewards a club, its leaders, its supporters. I am proud to coach this generation.
Léo Gaillard (coach Gignac) : "It’s cruel. We wanted this double but we were not up to the task in the final in front of our supporters. Congratulations to the group nonetheless for this adventure and a season which remains positive.

Relive the finals of the Hérault Football Cup with photos and reactions from the winners

The young people from Vendargues had made the Cup a goal. N.H.

U17, Frontignan – Vendargues, 0-2
Referees: MM. Ouroujane, Garbi, Ela. Half time: 0-1.
Goals for Vendargues: Vigouroux (14th), Bouladou (73rd).
Warning in Frontignan: Bro (74th)
Expulsions in Frontignan: El Mahhari (61st), Collin (70th)
Warning in Vendargues: Jouron (50th)
FRONTIGNAN : Ouakeb – Ferreira (cap.), El Mahhari, Almeida, Collin – Kacimi, Ichim, Sleiman, Helmer – Lopez, Sayibasi. Then Balharbi, Da Cruz, Benezech.
Ent. : Jennifer Bro.
VENDARGUES : Oumeskour – Vigouroux, Hoebrechts, Jouron, Fernandes (cap.) – Lalanne, Dupuy, El Moussaoui, Floor – BouladouLafdil. Then Brucoli, Schmeding, Passade.Ent. : Ulrich Hays.
Nothing worked for Frontignan yesterday, who took time to free themselves, caught up in speed and in the initiatives of the Vendarguois, led 1-0 and reduced to nine, twenty minutes from the end. Before being knocked out by Bouladou (0-2, 73rd).
They can always take an example from Vendargues, the same players who two years ago cried in the U15 final. Proof that we are recovering from it, and quite well. "There was a lack of quality from both teams compared to what they are capable of producing. At the end of the match, we took advantage of the numerical superiority which meant that Frontignan was unable to defend with all its strength, analyzes the PIV coach, Ulrich Hays. I'm happy for the boys because we didn't have an easy qualification, we remained modest and they are rewarded with the victory.

Relive the finals of the Hérault Football Cup with photos and reactions from the winners

La Paillade, winner last year in U17, resumes the cycle… in U15. N.H.

U15, Atlas Paillade – SC Sète, 1-0
Referees: MM. Millot, Tahiri, Galpin. Half time: 1-0
Goal for Atlas Paillade: Ait Mbarka (13th)
Warnings to Atlas Paillade: Baadchia (6th), Zentici (80th).
Warning to SC Sète: Bouallaga (70th).
ATLAS PAILLADE: Hammadi – Boutkabout, Zentici, Mammar, El Hamdati – Taoubi, Ait Mbarka, Hmimou – Baadchia, Noussair, Kachcha. Then Essanddi, Ouaffai, El Azzaoui.Ent. : Mr. Taoubi.
SC SÈTE : Laurier – Saez, Boursier, Belghali, Cheminand – Bilot, Caporiccio, Bouallaga, Hautpré – Cazanave, Legrand. Then Dahmani, Hari, Zenasni.Ent. : F. Casalis.
After the U17s last season, Atlas once again lifted the Hérault Cup trophy, this time with Mohamed Taoubi's U15 group. A success against SC Sète built in the 1st period on a goal from Ait Mbarka who took advantage of too passive defense and an error by the goalkeeper to score from the tight corner. A period dominated by Atlas, quicker to settle the game and accelerate behind the defense (19th, 23rd). Sète reacted with Bouallaga but the goalkeeper lay down perfectly (32nd). More incisive after the break by Cazanave (42nd, 51st) and Caporiccio (73rd) without finding the way to the goal. "It’is a great source of pride. We work with young people who still have gaps, we are making full progress and they demonstrated it again today underlined the Pailladin coach. When we set the championship and the Cup at the start of the season, they signed on to the project, with a good state of mind, we are proud< /em>. Enough to gain confidence for the U16 R2 championship before traveling to Agde and Clermont and receiving Lavérune. "It will be a small finale".

Relive the finals of the Hérault Football Cup with photos and reactions from the winners

And one for Port-Marianne. N.H.

Challenge Maurice Martin, Castries – Mtp Port-Marianne, 1-1 (2-3 tab)
Referees: MM. Cheridi, Flechy, Bouazada. Half time: 1-1
Goal for Castries: Cardenas (20th).
Goal for Port-Marianne Montpellier: Perucca (19th).
Warning to Castries: Bonnet (50th).
Warnings in Port-Marianne: Khaldi (24th), Moujahid (57th), Houzir (90th).
CASTRIES : Gonnet – Cardenas, Guimard, Midouni, Fiacre-Bonetto, Pires, Brikil, Benderguem – Bonnet, Lopez. Then Raveloarijaona, Guerineau, Fiacre.
Ent. : Maxime Ceresani.
PORT-MARIANNE : Kaddi – Hennani, Khoussi, Bisi, Bouallaga – Khaldi, Nourabi, Es Samri, Perucca – Mujahid, Houzir. Then Camand, Moussallek, Medarhri.
Ent. : Said Zaz.
It was once again on penalties that the two teams competed for the cup. Not without having had numerous opportunities to finish things off before then as Port-Marianne opened the scoring in the 1st period through Perucca (19th), immediately equalized by a strike from Cardenas (20th). The right side saw two distant recoveries pushed back by Kaddi when Raveloarijaona had the knockout ball, face-to-face, lost, with Gonnet. His team then took the best on penalties (3-2). A reward for a club which is in its 2nd season, moved up to D4 last year and will aim for D3 next season. "We don't have a coach, we manage ourselves underlines the player president, Basim Es Samri. We were all serious together, it's the victory of a group."

Relive the finals of the Hérault Football Cup with photos and reactions from the winners

The referees mobilized for these two days of the cup. N.H.

Two days made possible thanks to the members of the District, Hérault Sport, Cdos, the leaders and volunteers of Clermontaise, the delegates… and the referees.

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