Rental of thermal strainers prohibited in 2025: “inevitable” postponement, significant risk… will the schedule be kept ?

Rental of thermal strainers prohibited in 2025: "inevitable" postponement, significant risk... will the schedule be kept ?

Le calendrier pour l'interdiction des passoires thermiques sera-t-il tenu ? (illustration) MAXPPP – REMY PERRIN

The ban on renting thermal strainers from 2025 cannot apply, senators warn in a document published Tuesday, deeming it "inevitable" to push it back to 2028.

"It is today obvious that the timetable of the Climate and Resilience Law cannot be met and poses a significant risk of exit from the market of around 18% of rental housing", write Dominique Estrosi-Sassone (LR), Viviane Artigalas (PS) and Amel Gacquerre (UDI) in an inventory of proposals from of their information mission on the housing crisis.

An "inevitable" postponement ?

"Without abandoning our ambitions in terms of renovation, it seems inevitable" to push back to 2028 the ban on signing or renewing leases for housing with energy label G, the worst (8% of the French stock), instead of 2025 as currently planned , they add.

According to current terms, housing classified F (10.5% of the stock) can no longer be rented from 2028 and E (22.4% of the stock) in 2034.< /p>

The parliamentarians take up the demands of employers' organizations, for whom the entry into force of these measures risks reducing available housing and further aggravating the housing crisis. In their battery of recommendations, they also call for a return to numerous savings measures supported by Bercy, such as the refocusing of the zero-rate loan, which they are, on the contrary, calling for to be strengthened.

The exemption from inheritance tax on purchases of new housing, a demand from the Federation of Real Estate Developers (FPI), is also suggested as an urgent measure to revive sluggish production. Some of the proposals are contained in texts to soon be examined in Parliament, such as the simplification of the rules for transforming offices into housing, or the reform of rental taxation to create a &quot ;status of the private lessor".

The increased possibility for mayors to regulate furnished tourist accommodation such as Airbnb, or the possibility of allocating social housing more freely, are also in the pipeline. The parliamentarians also demand exceptional funding from social landlords in order to relaunch HLM production, denouncing "the blows of the penknife" contributed to their financing under the presidency of Emmanuel Macron.

The reform of the rules of the High Financial Stability Council (HCSF), proposed in the report to encourage the granting of real estate loans, was buried Tuesday in the Assembly in the face of reluctance of Bercy.

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