Repairing over coffee: the new project of the PNR and the communities of communes of Sud-Aveyron

Repairing over coffee: the new project of the PNR and the communities of communes of Sud-Aveyron

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Des ateliers de réparations d’objets du quotidien sont proposées dans les communes de la vallée, dès le 4 mai.

Many people have household appliances gathering dust in the depths of their garage. Or, a bicycle whose frames become the new habitat of small spiders. But also, piles of clothes piling up on a chair waiting for a stitch to be worn again. As the sunny days arrive, shorts and dresses are just waiting to be removed from this improvised open-air closet.

With spring, the Grands Causses Regional Natural Park and the communities of municipalities in the valley had the idea of ​​launching the "repair café" workshops, i.e.   repair cafes. Behind this formula lies an action with very current issues which are "environmental, economic and social", plant Séverine Peyretout, municipal advisor to the Mayor of Millau and delegate for Ecology.

Providing a service to remote areas

Don't panic for those who don't know anything about it. The goal of these workshops is to come with a damaged textile, a faulty bicycle or broken household appliances, then to repair them with people who know it. & quot;Learning to repair to avoid buying is good for the environment and beneficial for everyone's wallet", summarizes Séverine Peyretout.

The workshops will flourish in different municipalities of South Averyon in order "to bring the service to the population and avoid the displacement of residents", explains the Ecology delegate at the City of Millau. And to specify: "Residents of urban centers already have access to repair centers". It is also an opportunity to increase the skills of the population in this area.

Repairing over coffee: the new project of the PNR and the communities of communes of Sud-Aveyron

A gauge of 10 to 15 people per workshop. DR

This initiative, launched by the PNR and the valley's com’com, responds to a request from village elected officials. It is within the framework of the territorial objective contract (COT) that the Park is offering this awareness tour. With the Territorial Inclusion Mobility and Sobriety program (TIMS), the objective is to promote supportive and inclusive eco-mobility. As the director of the Park, Sébastien Pujol, explains, "mobility is a barrier to a certain number of access to services".

Socializing over coffee

Beyond the technical aspect of these workshops, the social issue will play a major role. "It will also be a moment of conviviality that will be created, with exchanges". But above all, these workshops run by local associations will allow them to make themselves known. And therefore to promote the local economy.

So that the services offered – free of charge and upon registration – by the workshops are optimal, the repairs to be carried out must be rather standard. "The objective is that people can independently reproduce the process at home", specifies Manon Lilas, responsible for circular economy and ecological transition mission at the PNR. In this sense, when leaving certain workshops, initiates will be able to return home with a free repair kit.

Repairing over coffee: the new project of the PNR and the communities of communes of Sud-Aveyron

“We need to deconstruct our relationship with compost,” believes Séverine Peyrtetout. DR

For this spring edition – since a second will take place in the fall –, the workshops will be accompanied by awareness of composting with the "Causons Compost" meetings. Three similar issues around the desire to raise awareness and "re-specify how to obtain good, quality compost", explains Marina Maindron, employee of the Causses compost association. Each meeting will be part of a local spring event. The opportunity to get your hands on compost, to grasp the challenges, and to replant – why not – its flowers for the summer.

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