Return of the snow, new taxi strike, water infiltration at the Mosson stadium: the main news in the region

Return of the snow, new taxi strike, water infiltration at the Mosson stadium: the main news in the region

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Snow and cold return to the region

#GARD/LOZERE/HERAULT/AVEYRON. The inhabitants of Esperou woke up to a 15 cm white coat this Sunday, March 3. Traffic was difficult in the Causses-Aigoual-Génolhac sector while access to the Alti-Aigoual station was difficult.

Lozère, like five other departments in France, was placed on orange snow and ice alert on Sunday. Snow fell overnight from Saturday to Sunday in the department, with a rain and snow limit located around 600 to 700 meters above sea level. Traffic was disrupted on the secondary network.

The upper cantons of Biterrois also experienced a snowy episode during the night from Saturday to Sunday. Temperature felt Sunday morning in La Salvetat-sur-Agout: – 4 °C. 5 to 10 cm of powder snow were noted as well as on the Espinouse massif.

In Aveyron, the thermometer dropped to – 2°C and the snow disrupted traffic.

Taxis still on strike

#NIMES. As part of a national taxi mobilization movement, a demonstration will take place this Monday, March 4. "The ministries of transport and health do not respond to requests from our national federations. The CPAM du Gard and the prefecture did not respond to our request for an appointment. At the initiative of the Gard Inter-Syndicale, the taxis want to assert their demands", explains the Gard Inter-Syndicale.

Thus, from 8 a.m. this Monday, at the exit of the Nîmes-Ouest highway, a meeting place will be set up, and a filter barrier at the toll where will be given to users the reasons that lead taxis to mobilize. Then the procession will set off for a snail operation in Nîmes.

The stadium is taking on water

#MONTPELLIER. Before the start of the match against Strasbourg this Sunday March 3, many supporters let their anger explode at the Mosson stadium as heavy showers affected the Hérault prefecture. On several videos published on the networks, we see water streaming from the roof of the stadium, creating large puddles on the ground and preventing supporters from taking shelter. As a reminder, the Mosson stadium was built in 1998 for the Football World Cup in France, before being renovated numerous times.

The titanic construction of the arenas continues

#NIMES.Since 2009, the City has begun a monumental project at the arenas, committing to 25 years of work. Restoration objective, but above all protection of a building which tries to resist the ravages of time. With, as a major enemy, the rain. After mapping the area and carrying out a stone-by-stone study to assess the damage, multiple security solutions were chosen. While the work is planned to last until 2034 for a total cost of work estimated at 54 million euros, the ultimate issue remains the future of the arena foundations. "I don't think that the metal stands are likely to stay", projects Mélanie Buire, referent of the file at the town hall.

Today’s number: 120

#LOZERE. The Aubrac Lot-Causses-Tarn community encourages the sorting of bio-waste. 120 individual and 14 collective composters were purchased to distribute to interested residents. The composters were ordered from the Esat (work support establishment and service) in Saint-Chély-d’Apcher. They were built from raw Douglas fir coming from a radius of 100 km around the city of Barrabande.

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