Roman days in Nîmes, rave party in Aude, a prize pool for the statue of the Virgin… the essential news in the region

Roman days in Nîmes, rave party in Aude, a prize pool for the statue of the Virgin… the essential news in the region

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Samara: her mother protests

#MONTPELLIER – Samara's mother, severely beaten on April 2, in front of a college in Montpellier, and her lawyer Marc Gallix are contesting the National Education report made public on April 30. He mentioned that he could not establish proof of school harassment. The lawyer, who relies on the conclusions of the current judicial investigation, also wishes that the principal of the Arthur-Rimbaud college, the head of school life and the head teacher of Samara "be heard" as part of requests for investigative acts.

Today's number: 200

#AUDE – This is in terms of number of vehicles, the influx that the gendarmes had to face during the night from Friday to Saturday. The reason? A rave party near the wind turbines, on the Villesèque-des-Corbières plateau, access to which was forced by the partygoers. The mayor says that she is not worried, the revelers, of whom this is not the first time, having cleaned everything last time. "Every time, they have their medical point and their security", she says. The police also remained on site.

A trafficker shot dead on Saturday

#TOULOUSE – Ouisam B., a 33-year-old drug trafficker known to the courts, was shot dead shortly before 5 a.m., in the Roseraie district, in Toulouse, this Saturday. Two other individuals, who accompanied the main victim, were, one seriously injured, the other more lightly. An investigation into assassination and assassination attempts by an organized gang was entrusted to the Division for the Fight against Organized and Specialized Crime (DCOS), the former judicial police, which remained silent on the facts on Saturday. Ouissam B., the main victim of what appears to be a settling of scores, had just been released from prison. According to La Dépêche du Midi, a charred car was found in the Toulouse region, after the shooting.

A prize pool for the statue of the Virgin

#ALES – Notre-Dame-des-Mines, the cast iron statue at the top of the Hermitage of Alès, was targeted by gunfire a year ago. Today several impacts and holes are still visible on his right hand and his head. "A few years ago, we had already replaced this hand, which had been struck by lightning", explain the volunteers of the &rsquo ;the Notre-Dame-des-Mines association, who notified the police and filed a complaint. "Alès without its Madonna, it’s unthinkable. It’s the symbol of the city! It measures almost five meters high. It was melted at the Alès forges. We do not understand such acts", thunders Max Guiraud, the president of the Friends of Vieil Alès, the other association present on the Ermitage site. Once the shock passed, the association leaders tried to find solutions to repair the damage. The problem is that the association that manages the site received a quote of 17,000 euros; and is therefore studying the creation of a virtual pot to restore its luster to the statue, installed in 1874 at the top of the chapel.

The Roman Days fill the arenas

#NÎMES – Some 600 re-enactors came from all over Europe and the crowded arenas of Nîmes for the spectacle Germanicus and barbaric anger. The Roman Days, which animate the city until this Sunday, have once again won over the public. Coming in large numbers, they can also, in addition to the show, immerse themselves in ancient history in various places in the city, thanks to demonstrations and reconstructions, but also theater and dance. The Fontaine gardens offer a vast fun and educational area on Roman history, through workshops that children love.

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