Roujan's Max Alran wins a stage of the downhill mountain bike world cup

Roujan's Max Alran wins a stage of the downhill mountain bike world cup

Max Alran s'est imposé en Autriche et prend la quatrième place du classement général.

En remportant la troisième manche de coupe du monde junior de VTT descente de Leogang, en Autriche, Max Alran se replace au classement général.

Engaged with his twin brother, Till, in the Junior Downhill MTB World Cup, Max Alran has just pulled off a very good performance. In the third round, which took place in Leogang, Austria, the Roujan native managed to win with a little less than half a second ahead of the Canadian Dane Jewett, the new leader of the general classification.

“I rode well, I'm very happy to have won, rejoices the young mountain biker from Team Commencal Muc-Off. When I'm engaged in a competition, I always aim for victory, so I'm going to do the best I can. I lost points in Poland because of my fall, now I'm making a good comeback."

After his fourth place in Scotland in the first round, Max Alran actually lost points in Poland in mid-May. He is now in fourth place before the fourth stage which will take place in Italy, on June 15th.

Eleventh overall, his twin brother also lost points due to a fall, but he remains on the lookout for the slightest mistakes from his competitors.

The Roujan twins will be back in France at the beginning of July for the fifth round, which will take place in Haute-Savoie. They will certainly be jostling with their Canadian, New Zealand, American or French competitors to go for the victory.

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