ROV Expert: at the heart of underwater robotics innovation in Béziers

ROV Expert: at the heart of underwater robotics innovation in Béziers

ROV Expert: at the heart of underwater robotics innovation in Béziers

Andreas Pinsker (au centre) développe des partenariats avec des acteurs innovants, comme ici avec les ingénieurs d’Instadrone group.

Depuis sa création en 2017, ROV Expert conçoit et distribue des technologies robotiques marines et sous-marines. Depuis Béziers, à destination d’une clientèle internationale. Découverte.

At the head of ROV Expert, Andreas Pinsker. After studying political science in Germany, he arrived in France in 2003. He then began working in export, in the electronics sector then in marine robotics and under -Marine. And that’s the revelation.

"I have taken a liking to this universe, explains Andreas Pinsker . Some time later, I decided to create my own company in this field, with the idea of ​​offering a reliable, fast and impeccable service. And it worked!"

Entrepreneurship and innovation

Andreas Pinsker launches his business in Montpellier before moving to Béziers in 2022 to get closer to Instadrone Group of which he is a partner. If ROV Expert specializes in marine and underwater technologies, its catalog of more than 130,000 sensors, components and robotic systems is intended for the inspection of all difficult environments.

"In parallel with distribution, we also develop personalized solutions – from design to assembly – mini ROVs (remotely operated underwater vehicles in French Editor's note) and specialized inspection tools. For example, we designed a personalized mini ROV for an association based in Marseille, to recover fishing nets lost in the Mediterranean. And we also offer rental of standard robotic equipment." Different services which allow the company to adapt to the missions of its customers.

International development

In the space of seven years, the company has acquired national and international renown. ROV Expert works in particular with research institutes (Ifremer, Drassm, CNRS…), universities as well as private companies throughout the world.

"The distribution is equivalent between the national territory and abroad, specifies the founder of the & rsquo;company. For export, we work mainly in Europe and increasingly with North Africa." Among the new projects under development: the design of an amphibious inspection robot for monitoring a nuclear power plant.

Recruitment in progress

ROV Expert ranks today among the three largest global distributors of Blue Robotics, the leader in marine robotics, and generates a turnover of around one million euros. . Andreas Pinsker doesn't intend to stop there. It plans to recruit four employees to strengthen the sales and administrative teams and support its growth strategy.

At the same time, the business manager plans to open a branch in Spain, ROV Expert's first export market. Andreas Pinsker concludes: "As a start-up supported by the Innovosud nursery and member of the Instadrone group, we benefit from an environment truly conducive to innovation and growth. This allows you to go even faster and further."

BIO EXPRESS – Dates & key figures

2017: Andreas Pinsker created MDC (Marine Distribution& Consulting) & Montpellier
2022: Cédric Botella (Instadrone Group) enters the capital of the company. At the same time, it changed its name and became ROV Expert
2023: ROV Expert joins the Innovosud nursery

2023 turnover (forecast): 1 million euros
Breakdown of activity: 85% Sales   distribution of marine and underwater systems, 10% R & D and 5 % Rental
(Robotics as a Service)
Online store: +130,000 items in stock
> ROV Expert : Nursery&egrave Innovosud, & Béziers –

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