Ruat offers a valuable point to Uzès

Ruat offers a valuable point to Uzès

Ruat offers a valuable point to Uzès

Hugo Ruat, hero of the evening, scorer at the last second. N.D.

Regional 1/18th day. Uzès snatched the point from a draw at the end of added time against Lunel, in the running for the climb.



Stade Louis-Pautex.

Half-time: 0-1.

Referee: M. Dada.

Goals for Pays d'Uzès: Ruat (70th, 90th +4).

Goals for Lunel: Mame Gueye (27th), Winemaker (62nd sp).

Warning to Pays d'Uzès: Di Méglio (59th), Pery (90th +1)

Warning to Lunel: Fontaine Vive (53rd), Person (89th), Winegrower (90th +1).

L'Entente Sportive Pays d'Uzès hosted the Gallia Club of Lunel last night for a tense match since the ESPU is playing to maintain, very close to the red zone, and Lunel is climbing as runner-up to Narbonne, the leader.

The first period was clearly dominated by the Héraultais who had every opportunity. The first alert comes from Nobody who finds Mame Gueye on his center at the near post who does not find the target (11th). El Hajaoui wins his face-to-face with Chamard but Lakhal replaces him on the line (24th). By pushing, the Gallia Club ended up opening the score thanks to its most prominent attacker of this first half, Mame Gueye (0-1, 27th). And twice it is close to double. His header from a corner from Vigneron is stopped by Chamard (34th) and on a back serve from Mogarra, well demarcated, he takes his ball a little too far which hits the crossbar (39th)!

On returning from the locker room, the Gardois return with better intentions and from the first seconds Dengerma's cross can only graze Falaq's skull (46th). Insufficient, and Lunel gets a big opportunity to double the bet. Staggered by El Hajaoui, Mogarra gets rid of his opposite number and rolls his shot towards the opposite net but Chamard relaxes to make an exceptional save (51st). Unfortunately for Stéphane Saurat's players, Di Méglio made a hand mistake and the penalty awarded by Monsieur Dada, which annoys the Gard clan, is scored by Vigneron (0-2, 62nd). Uzès reacts and quickly restarts since Ruat, found by Pery, reduces the score with a cross strike which deceives Réveille (1-2, 70th). The locals begin to believe that they can equalize, especially as El Hajaoui unscrews his shot (76th). Martinez's too soft shot on a long cross from Lakhal is stopped by Réveille (84th) but the latter can do nothing about Ruat's heavy strike at the very last second of the match which allows his family and the public to explode like s 'they had won (2-2, 90th +4).

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