Rugby: “Enough is enough!”, after the racist insults suffered by the Bobigny players, the club calls for “real actions”

Rugby: “Enough is enough!”, after the racist insults suffered by the Bobigny players, the club calls for “real actions”

Le club réclame de vraies actions. MAXPPP – Thierry LARRET

The Bobigny club (Seine-Saint-Denis) demanded on Wednesday that "real actions" be undertaken, in particular by the French Rugby Federation, following racist insults targeting two of its players during a match on Sunday in Lons (Pyrénées-Atlantiques).

The FFR, via its anti-discrimination and equal treatment commission (CADET), has "self-requested" Tuesday of the problem, specified Vincent Gabrelle, general secretary of AC Bobigny 93, whose women's section, the "Louves", plays in Elite 1 (1st women's div.).

Not an isolated case

A meeting of the CADET is to take place on Wednesday evening, during which "the subject of racist insults that our players suffered on and off the field will be raised", he added."More than a communication plan" reminding that racism has no place in rugby, & quot;we hope for real actions", said the leader. Because, he continued, "enough is enough : our professional players are not the only ones affected by racism, even our cadets are insulted very regularly".

Sunday in Lons, during the last match of the French Women's Rugby Cup, which saw the victory (20-18) of Bobigny over the Béarnais club, two "Louves" suffered racist insults. "One heard herself referred to as the African woman with short hair and the other was treated dirty black", a explained Mr. Gabrelle, specifying that players from the Bobigny Elite reserve team had already suffered racist insults two weeks previously.

Support from the FFR and internationals

In a press release published on its Facebook page, the Lons club promised for its part to "take the necessary and appropriate measures". The FFR for its part condemned on Tuesday "strongly the acts of racism observed during certain meetings", providing "its support to the players and managers concerned".

Several French internationals, including Cameron Woki (Racing 92) and Madoussou Fall (Stade Bordeaux), both trained in Bobigny, reacted on their social networks by posting the press release from the Seine-Saint-Club club in particular. Denis condemning these acts.

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